10 alternative uses for coffee grounds

10 alternative uses for coffee grounds
10 alternative uses for coffee grounds

If you're a coffee lover and drink it several times a day, you'll be happy to know that coffee grounds are something you don't have to throw away. It has many home and beauty uses that can benefit you.

Drinking a cup of coffee will not only help you cheer up and have more energy during the day, but also help you make your home more fragrant, your hair thicker and faster growing, hair loss can will remain in the past, and your garden (on the balcony or at the villa) will become more lush and beautiful.

See what you can use coffee grounds for. Here are its wonderful uses for home and beauty.

1. As a homemade deodorant

Many different unpleasant odors can appear in the home. Instead of spraying aromas in the form of aerosols, which can have a negative impact on he alth, try coffee grounds. The coffee has a wonderful aroma. In addition, the sediment from it has the property of absorbing bad smells. You can put coffee grounds in the fridge, in the pantry, in the kitchen, in the trash can - any number of places that smell bad.

2. For washing burnt dishes

Coffee grounds have abrasive particles. With their help, you can remove burnt residues from the inside of cookware. Use a sponge to apply the sludge to the bowl and scrub.

3. For grill and barbecue cleaning

The abrasive texture of coffee grounds can also do a great job of cleaning your grill and barbecue from burnt meat and vegetable residue. Using a sponge, scrub the grill with the residue again. Then rinse or wash.

4. Skin Scrub

Coffee grounds can help exfoliate your skin. It can be included in various recipes for preparing a homemade body and face scrub. You can see a few here. The coffee grounds remove dead skin cells, accumulated sebum and dirt, and the antioxidants in the coffee nourish it and fight inflammation.

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