Habits for a he althy liver

Habits for a he althy liver
Habits for a he althy liver

How often do you think about the he alth of your body? If you don't suffer from a he alth problem, probably rarely. We take our body for granted and often forget about its needs, the systems that support us. Liver is one of the most important organs. Our general state of he alth is also determined by its condition.

It filters our blood, eliminates toxins, synthesizes bile, and performs a number of other important functions. That is why it is important to take good care of it. See which habits, besides limiting alcohol consumption, can contribute to his better condition.

1. Eat blueberries, berries and other foods high in antioxidants.Antioxidants are especially important for the he alth of the liver, because when metabolizing the food we consume, free radicals are also released, which, if accumulated in excess, cause damage to the entire body.

2. Prioritize he althy fats. Fatty liver, which harms its he alth, can also be due to unhe althy eating, excess weight. That is why it is important what foods we consume and what fats. He althy fats include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which provide nutrients our bodies need to build essential components such as cell membranes.

Good examples are avocado, nuts, olive oil, fish, flaxseed. Trans fats are unhe althy fats because they increase the risk of inflammation and insulin resistance.

3. Reduce consumption of foods that lead to inflammation in the body, such as fried foods. Inflammation in the liver can lead to dangerous conditions.That is why it is important to limit the consumption of foods that increase inflammatory processes, such as sausages, fried foods, s alty foods. Instead, we can eat more fish, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, lighter meats.

4. Don't forget fiber. Fiber improves digestion, but also reduces the risk of inflammation, helps maintain a he althy liver.

5. Exercise regularly. Regular sports activity has been shown to protect against liver disease and improve overall he alth. Physical activity will improve your he alth in more ways than one.

6. Do not take medicines on your own without consulting a doctor. Even if some medications seem harmless to you, self-medication can also harm liver he alth.

7. Don't smoke. Smoking not only affects the lungs, but it is believed that it can also lead to chronic liver disease.

8.Maintain excellent personal hygiene. This reduces the risk of infections and diseases such as hepatitis A, B and C. Always try to wash your hands thoroughly after touching objects in public places such as ATMs, handrails, handles in public transport, etc. Also refrain from using vending machines, especially for coffee.

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