How to protect yourself from the evil eye?

How to protect yourself from the evil eye?
How to protect yourself from the evil eye?

It's happened to all of us - we go to a new place, meet strangers, come home, and instead of being relieved and relieved to interact with people, we feel depressed and stressed. This feeling may even be accompanied by a headache. In another case, we can experience these unpleasant conditions if a certain person was our guest. It could even be a loved one or a relative. For such a person we say that he has "evil eyes" or that he is an "energy vampire" We cannot exactly define these impressions, but we can clearly feel the negative influences of people with such bad energy.

How can we protect ourselves in such situations?

Create Invisible Shield

If you know that you are going to meet a lot of people or a person with bad energy, do the following: sit quietly, relax and imagine that you are protected by an invisible shield.

Imagine that you are in a kind of shell and no one can harm you. You can use this visualization to protect your loved ones too - children, spouse or parents.

Use the powerful power of water

In all customs and beliefs, water is a powerful force for purification and renewal. Immediately after meeting a negative person, splash your face with water - it is believed that this is how you wash away negative energy. When you get home, you can take a shower.

Bring garlic with you

It may seem silly to you, but a little clove can help you. Since ancient times, garlic has been used to ward off evil forces and protect against the "evil eye". Put a clove of garlic in your bag to make sure it protects you.

Use silver as protection

Silver has long been involved in rituals related to banishing bad energy. Silver ornaments around the neck and on the hands will protect you from the negative influence of others. Note that to enjoy the powerful energetic benefits of silver, you should not combine it with other precious metals.

Wear Red Thread

It is believed that the red thread protects us from lessons. It is no coincidence that this is one of the first things we do after a baby is born - we put a scarlet horse on his hand. You can use this powerful amulet for yourself as well. If you don't want the thread to be visible - carry it in your handbag.

Candle Ritual

If after a long day filled with meetings and socializing, you feel as if you are "out of energy", you may have been the subject of energy interference. Try to "purify" yourself - light a candle and go to the corners of your home.Make a few circular motions in each corner. Then repeat the same movements in front of your body. This way you will cleanse not only the home, but also yourself of negative energy.

Extinguishing sticks

Another old ritual to remove bad energy that you can use for both young children and adults. Pour water into a bowl. Light a match and drop it into the bowl. Repeat this two more times – until there are three sticks. Depending on whether the chopsticks touch, you can determine the degree of energy interference.

If the chopsticks are far from each other - you are not subject to an energy attack; if they touch - a slight negative influence has been exerted on you. If the sticks overlap - you are subject to a powerful negative influence. In such a case, repeat the ritual again. When you are finished, pour the water from the bowl along with other running water – down the sink or toilet.

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