How to make eyelashes grow like crazy

How to make eyelashes grow like crazy
How to make eyelashes grow like crazy

“Eyes are the window to the soul” – we have heard this saying which is absolutely true – a look can say so much about a woman. In the eyes we can read sadness, despondency, mercy, joy or love. We ladies know very well how to make these weapons of ours – the eyes – even stronger through makeup. The right eye shadow and eyeliner can literally transform us – make us bold, different and extraordinary. How do we do this?

Apart from eyeshadow and other makeup products, nothing can accentuate the eyes better than beautiful eyelashes. However, not all of us are born with them. But there are some easy tricks with which we can strengthen eyelashes, increase their volume, and make them grow faster.Who are they? We will not waste another moment and immediately share with you who they are:

Use natural oils

Natural oils – mostly coconut, castor and olive oils – are used to hydrate the lashes. Another main action of these is that they will help their growth and density. How to apply them? Keep the vial of your old mascara and after you've used it up - wash it well, and you can pour your favorite oil inside. You can also do this with ear studs. Apply the oil in the morning and in the evening - it will not only accelerate growth, nourish the eyelashes, but also prevent them from falling, strengthening their color. A darker color on your lashes will make them look thicker, fuller and more voluminous.

Moisturize with aloe gel

Another very easy and quick trick that you can use at home – just apply aloe vera gel. The magic plant will help your thinning eyelashes because it acts soothing, hydrating, stimulating the production of collagen.After applying the aloe vera gel and it has absorbed into the lashes, you can apply a very small amount of petroleum jelly.

Use Growth Serum

The formulas of these products are formulated in a way to help eyelashes grow faster. Special peptides and antioxidants will make your eyelashes he althy and thick. You can look for similar products at your favorite he alth store – preferably choose a product that contains all-natural ingredients.

Use Nourishing Mascara

There are mascaras on the market that, in addition to highlighting your lashes, can also nourish them. They combine valuable substances, some of which you can find in growth serums. Specially designed for thin and weak eyelashes, they will be another weapon on the way to a more expressive and captivating look.

Consider using nutritional supplements

If you want to boost your hair growth, one of the most commonly used supplements is collagen and biotin – these are the ones you can include in your routine for more beautiful eyelashes.Before you start taking any nutritional supplements, it is a good idea to consult your doctor.

Use Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil can be used to improve the look and condition of the skin and hair, and its beneficial effect can also be very good for your eyelashes. Apply it after you have thoroughly cleansed your face and removed any makeup residue.

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