Reasons for slower hair growth

Reasons for slower hair growth
Reasons for slower hair growth

Everyone would like to have he althy and beautiful hair. For ladies who maintain longer hair, it is important that the hair grows quickly. Often, although there are no obvious reasons, hair grows more slowly. Why? Here are some of the most common reasons for slow hair growth.


Every person's hair growth phase has the potential to reach a certain length. Hair growth phases are largely determined by genetics and usually last between two and six years.

It may be due to hair loss

is a natural process. According to experts, it is normal for a person to lose 100 hairs a day. However, it sometimes happens that the process of new hair growth is slower compared to the intensity of hair loss.Then not only does it seem to us that the hair is thinner, but also that it grows at a slower pace.

Age and stress

As we age, hair becomes weaker and thinner, and it may even become thinner. Especially for ladies who have dyed and styled their hair for many years. A number of studies show that hair biology changes over the years and this can shorten its growth.

After the age of 45, the skin on the scalp becomes drier, which means that because it is less hydrated, growth retardation and hair loss can occur. Stress, traumatic diseases are also responsible for hair loss and stunted growth.

Hair is dry

Dry hair suffers in many ways, one of which is slower growth. Keeping hair well hydrated minimizes breakage. To keep the hair hydrated, pay attention to the cosmetics you use.Also pay attention to the ends of your hair. They should not be dry, blooming and brittle. Although hair grows from the roots, they are many times stronger than the ends, so they need special care.

Irregular nutrition

Diets and vitamin deficiencies can significantly affect the condition of the hair. You should not be deficient in zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin C. Iron and proteins are necessary for hair strength.

Thyroid disorders have been shown to have an effect on hair growth. Proper nutrition, appropriate nutritional supplements such as biotin can help strengthen your hair and improve its growth.

You treat your hair with curling irons, hair dyes, styling products, make tight hairstyles

, daily hair treatments can significantly affect its he alth and growth. Often stretched and tight hairstyles are the cause of hair follicle damage.

Hormonal Changes

Women who produce less of the hormone testosterone and greater amounts of estrogen may also suffer from slower hair growth. Higher estrogen levels lengthen the hair growth cycle. Therefore, in order for your hair to grow he althy and have a regulated growth, the balance between testosterone and estrogen should not be disturbed.

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