Methods for fast hair growth

Methods for fast hair growth
Methods for fast hair growth

If your hair grows persistently very slowly, you will need to give it a boost. Do you want to make her grow faster? It's not impossible! You just need to follow some practices for some time and the result will not be late.

What are the best methods to stimulate hair growth?

Glaze the scalp with oils

act as a universal means of accelerating hair growth. Coconut and castor oil are best. Rubbing them into the scalp relaxes the follicles while simultaneously strengthening the root.


To the oils, you can add cayenne pepper or black pepper, which further enhances hair growth.


Everything we eat affects the hair. Experts believe that the right diet can make hair grow faster. Add he althy plant proteins as well. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important.

If you eat according to these principles, within a month you will notice the difference.

Get more rest

Stress affects the body in many ways. Hair, as part of the body, is affected no less by stress hormones. In order not to exhaust her, try to rest as much as necessary. Have more fun and avoid emotional and physical stress. This will make the hair grow faster.

Vaginal anti-fungal cream

It sounds extremely unbelievable, but there are ingredients in anti-fungal creams that stimulate hair growth. In addition, dandruff is provoked by a fungus, which further slows growth due to damaged skin on the scalp.

Applying an anti-fungal cream twice a week will help you enjoy rapid growth.


Semen Hair Masks

A strange ingredient, but still some cosmetic manufacturers use it. Semen contains a substance called spermine. Research shows that it has a beneficial effect on hair growth as well as smoothing out wrinkles.

It is important to note that pure sperm will not work. It should be noted that the seminal fluid used in cosmetics is specially purified and mixed with other ingredients.

Protein Enriched Shampoos

Shampoos and hair masks enriched with proteins stimulate hair growth. Protein is an important nutrient for the whole organism. It also feeds the follicle, so use such hair cosmetics.

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