6 essential oils effective against stretch marks

6 essential oils effective against stretch marks
6 essential oils effective against stretch marks

Stretch marks are an extremely unpleasant problem that many women and men face. They worsen the aesthetic appearance of the skin, along with which self-esteem decreases.

The most common causes of stretch marks are:


sudden weight changes

decreased amount of collagen in the body

Where stretch marks most often appear:

on the chest

on the thighs

on the stomach

in upper arms

on the cross

Fortunately, some essential oils have an extremely good effect on stretch marks. They penetrate deep into the skin, restoring its elasticity and stimulating collagen production.Some oils have the ability to reduce the swelling of newly formed stretch marks, as well as reduce their redness. This makes them easier to fade and shrink.

What are the most useful oils against stretch marks:

Argan oil

Argan oil is among the most popular in the production of hair and skin products. It improves skin elasticity, reduces existing stretch marks and prevents the appearance of new ones.

Bitter almond oil

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing found that bitter almond oil is very beneficial against stretch marks. The results of the study indicate that only 20% of women who used this oil as a preventive measure against stretch marks developed. In the others, the frequency of occurrence was significantly lower.

Bitter orange oil

This oil has deeply nourishing and exfoliating properties that remove the dead layer of cells. It improves the overall he alth of the skin and stimulates its elasticity.

Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil has soothing properties for the skin. It stimulates the rapid healing and regeneration of skin cells, which also contributes to the removal of stretch marks that have already appeared.

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil is useful not only in the treatment of stretch marks, but also scars caused by injuries and after surgeries.

Pomegranate oil

Pomegranate essential oil has a large amount of antioxidants in its composition, which act as an anti-inflammatory. The oil is extracted from the seed of the pomegranate. It is also rich in vitamins and rejuvenating elements that stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

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