Cypress essential oil and its amazing benefits

Cypress essential oil and its amazing benefits
Cypress essential oil and its amazing benefits

Cypress essential oil is obtained by distilling young cypress twigs, stems and needles. It is extremely useful for he alth, as it has astringent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic properties.

In addition, cypress oil helps the liver as it has detoxifying effects. It is beneficial for the nervous and circulatory system.

What are the most important he alth benefits of cypress essential oil?

Tightens skin and muscles

Cypress essential oil helps to tighten bleeding gums. It is also useful for massaging the muscles. It penetrates deeply through the skin and helps to tighten the muscle fibers, especially after training.Cypress oil also helps tighten hair follicles as well as skin pores. This makes it perfect for fighting acne.

Accelerates wound healing

The antiseptic properties of cypress make it a great choice in the treatment of wounds. It's no coincidence that cypress oil is an ingredient in a number of anti-inflammatory creams and lotions.

Suppresses spasms

Cypress essential oil successfully controls all types of spasms. Effectively relieves spasms of the respiratory system, intestines, abdominal muscles and limbs. It also effectively affects muscle tingling and nervous twitching.

Has a diuretic function

Cypress oil stimulates diuresis, and with it the detoxification of the body. Good drainage of the kidneys eases their work and cleanses the urinary tract of bacteria.

Helps with clotting problems

For sufferers of impaired blood clotting, especially clotting difficulties, cypress oil is great. The hemostatic compounds in it help regulate blood clotting while simultaneously contributing to constriction of peripheral blood vessels.

This property of cypress oil should be taken into account as it is not suitable for everyone, especially people suffering from thrombosis.

Improves respiratory function

The aromatic compounds in cypress oil increase lung efficiency and capacity. It has the property of suppressing cough and sputum produced in viral and infectious diseases.

Promotes sweating

Separation of toxins through the skin is a very beneficial property of cypress oil. Accelerated sweating also contributes to weight regulation.

Keeps the liver he althy

Due to its powerful detoxifying properties, cypress oil promotes liver he alth and ensures the normal functioning of the liver.

Eliminates bad odors

The pungent coniferous aroma of cypress can be used as a natural deodorant to completely replace harmful factory antiperspirants and deodorants.

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