5 ways you damage your hair every day

5 ways you damage your hair every day
5 ways you damage your hair every day

When you try to take care of your hair, you probably avoid coloring, blow drying, straightening or curling with a hot iron, curling iron. This is great and actually very important for hair he alth. But there are many other unsuspected ways in which you unwittingly and in most cases unknowingly damage your hair.

Even though you avoid hair-stressing treatments at the salon or at home, there are still several ways you damage your hair every day.

Tie the hair tight even when it's wet

Frequently stretching the hair with an elastic in the form of a ponytail or a bun is harmful to it.If you do it when it is still wet and even slightly damp, it causes even more damage to the hair and scalp. Elastics cause excessive tension on the hair, which can be particularly damaging to the hair texture, especially if it is not properly dried. When hair is wet, it becomes more elastic and brittle. When you stretch it, the extra tension in the hair can cause it to break and break.

You brush your hair when it's wet

Wet hair is also vulnerable to brushing. Even though you've put on a conditioner or a mask, that doesn't mean your hair can handle wet brushing. It must be thoroughly dry before you run your brush through it. Otherwise, you weaken it, break it, break it and damage it.

You are not using heat protection

Modern hair care products offer a rich variety to take advantage of. Such a wonderful product is the heat protection spray. With its help, you insulate the hair from the high temperatures of the hair press, the hair dryer, the curling iron. This will protect it from damage.

Sleep on a cotton cover

Cotton covers are the most common among bed linen. However, they can damage your hair. If you're trying to keep your hair in good condition and as vibrant as possible, it's best to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton fabric absorbs moisture from the hair and scalp, drying them out and creating conditions for breakage, bending and breakage of the hair. This is not the case with silk fabrics. They do not absorb natural moisture, in addition, they create a slippery base that does not hold the hair and does not break it.

You don't protect your hair from the sun

When it comes to sun protection, we only think of our skin. But hair is also damaged by UV rays. The sun causes exhaustion, dehydration of the hair, which makes it weak and prone to breakage. Use products with UV protection for hair to protect it from the harmful effects of light.

You rarely cut your hair

You want your hair to grow and that's why you don't cut it? This is a wrong strategy that damages the hair. To be vibrant, he althy and strong, hair needs regular trimming. Thus the hair flourishes and even grows faster.

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