How to revive sun damaged hair after the sea

How to revive sun damaged hair after the sea
How to revive sun damaged hair after the sea

Heat,, strong sun, daily shampooing all make your hair very damaged and vulnerable at the beach. After your summer vacation, your hair is often limp and dull. Atmospheric conditions and crazy experiences at the beach have a bad effect on hair, making it dry, brittle, with split ends.

How to restore the freshness, strength and beauty of your hair after the summer vacation at the beach?

Trim the tips

The best way to refresh your hair and make it come back to life after the extreme summer conditions is to take some of the length out of it. Trim the ends and see for yourself how quickly your hair will start looking good again.

Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

The heat and s alt water of the beach has sucked the last drop of moisture out of your hair. This makes it dry, prone to breakage and shedding. To rebalance your hair's moisture levels and keep it well hydrated, use only moisturizing products.

Apply masks to moisturize and revitalize

Damage from s alt, chlorine in pools, strong sun rays and daily use of detergents during your vacation at sea can be reversed with regular application of nourishing, revitalizing and hydrating hair masks with natural ingredients., with which to return the beauty and shine of your hair.

Avoid heating appliances

To give your hair time to recover, you need to give it a break from straighteners, presses, hair dryers. Let the hair recover from the stress during the summer break.Give the hair time to recover. Heating devices also extract the little remaining moisture from the hair, making it even drier and more exhausted.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Cotton covers are wonderful because they absorb sweat and moisture from the scalp. But in this case, your hair needs its moisture, so it's good to sleep on a silk pillowcase for a while until your hair recovers. It does not absorb as intensively as cotton.

Balance Scalp

Dryness affects not only the hair but also the scalp. Choose moisturizing products for the scalp. This will reduce the itching and the feeling of tension on the scalp.

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