The shape of the lips reveals the personality

The shape of the lips reveals the personality
The shape of the lips reveals the personality

Dense and sexy, thin or revealing a wide smile. We all have different lips. According to scientists, this is one of the most important characteristics that we should pay attention to when making new contacts.

The shape of the lips can reveal a lot about the personality. See what some of the most common lip shapes reveal about an individual's personality traits.

Elongated plump lips

People with lips of this shape are born to care for someone. If your lips are like this, you'd probably never pass a stray kitten or dog. You have an innate and strong maternal instinct and desire to protect and protect others.

In difficult times, you think of others first, then yourself. People like you usually do well as parents.

The upper lip is bigger than the lower one

If your lips are of these proportions, then you are a true drama queen. You are emotional but charismatic, you love life and attracting attention to yourself.

You have a high opinion of yourself and have the ability to attract other people. You like to be the center of attention.

The lower lip is bigger and thicker than the upper

For you, life is full of interesting things. People with lips like this know how to really have fun. They need new acquaintances, new places to visit. They are curious and sociable and together with them you can discover new adventures.

Lips that are proportional in shape

People with such lips have a moderate character and always show reason in solving various situations and cases.Their strong point is that they are good listeners. They take criticism lightly and treat others with due respect. In difficult times they always find a way to laugh.

Thin lips

People with thin lips often prefer to be left alone. If your lips are thin, then it is not a problem for you to walk alone, go shopping alone, even travel to new places in your own company.

However, you easily find a common language with people, you appreciate when someone is loyal to you and you allow a certain circle of people around you.

Small but plump lips

If your lips have this shape, then you are neat and love to flirt. Your main priority in life is your own feelings and comfort. Although you are initially perceived as a selfish person, you are not quite like that. You are compassionate and devoted friends who can be counted on at any time.

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