Lip color can indicate a he alth problem

Lip color can indicate a he alth problem
Lip color can indicate a he alth problem

What is the color of your lips? If they are naturally pink, congratulations! You are in good he alth. We look at our lips when we apply lipstick, when we want to make them more tempting or the cold winter weather or dry summer has disturbed their softness.

In fact, lip color can reveal a lot about your he alth. Here are some of the most common lip color changes and what they indicate.

Pale to ashy lips

Pale lips are often accompanied by complaints such as dizziness, weakness. Unfortunately, we rarely pay attention to these ailments, and they can indicate a serious he alth problem.Pale lips are often a warning sign of low red blood cell levels, or in short, anemia.

That is why it is important to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests. Also, to improve iron levels in your body, eat dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, as well as dried fruits, eggs, red meat, pork or beef liver.

Red lips

Although it sounds great, it is important to think about whether your natural lip color is red or has changed to red. Sometimes, along with bright red lips, you may notice that you have bad breath and a strong appetite for unhe althy foods.

According to specialists, these symptoms may indicate that your liver is working overtime. On the other hand, according to Chinese medicine, when the liver is working overtime, it generates too much heat within itself.

Red lips can also be a symptom of an allergic reaction to some foods. That is why it is good to consult a specialist again.

Purple or blue lips

This change in lip color is common in winter. But if the condition of your lips does not improve when changing degrees, this may indicate problems with the heart or respiratory system, that your blood circulation is impaired. Green color around the mouth also suggests poor circulation in the liver and spleen.

Purple line around lips

This kind of lip color change suggests an energy imbalance in your body. That's why pay attention to your rhythm of life. Get enough rest, eat he althy, exercise, take vitamins and minerals.

Dark red to black lips

This is a sign that your digestive system is under stress. It is good to pay attention to your diet, drink detox teas, start a diet agreed with a specialist, which can improve the condition of your stomach.Include foods rich in fiber in your menu and eliminate harmful processed foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol.

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