7 tricks to hide wrinkles

7 tricks to hide wrinkles
7 tricks to hide wrinkles

Wrinkles are the last thing women want to see on their face. And while they're inevitable over time, there are some clever ways to make them less visible. You can use smart tricks involving cosmetics, makeup and skin care to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make the skin tighter and smoother.

Boost Hydration

You will need to pay close attention to hydration and deep moisturizing if you want wrinkles to be less noticeable. If you haven't paid enough attention to applying moisturizer regularly, start doing so. Incorporate moisturizers into your routine for fewer wrinkles and visibly smoother skin.

Use silicone based makeup base

Many professional makeup artists use a silicone-based makeup base. Kaitlyn Picou, a professional makeup artist, tells prevention.com that these types of makeup bases help make skin look smoother and help make foundation easier to apply and stay on throughout the day.

Thinner layer of foundation

To make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, apply a thin layer of foundation. You might think that a thicker layer of makeup will help cover up imperfections, but you'd be wrong. The more foundation you apply, the more likely it is to crack where there are wrinkles, making them even more visible.

Use proofreader

The concealer is a very underrated product, but one that deserves attention. The color should be light beige, not white or too dark. It will help you cover up wrinkles and dark circles. Use it after applying the base and before applying the foundation.

Avoid powder makeup

Powder, blush, foundation with a powdery texture are undesirable when trying to hide wrinkles, because they make them even more visible. Powder makeup spreads more easily around wrinkles and makes them very visible. It is preferable to use creamy textures that adhere more tightly and naturally to the skin.

Highlight the cheekbones

Use blush to highlight the cheekbones and cheeks. This trick optically draws attention away from wrinkles around the eyes and lips, so you look younger and fresher.

Lip Pencil

If the wrinkles around your lips are visible and it bothers you, use a lip liner. Choose a pencil color that matches your lipstick color. When lipstick breaks out of the lip outline during the day, it often fills in the fine lines around the lips, making them even more visible. Applying a lip liner prevents the lipstick from spreading beyond the contour of the lips.

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