Tricks for smoother skin after shaving

Tricks for smoother skin after shaving
Tricks for smoother skin after shaving

Shaving is one of the fastest and most effective ways to remove leg hair. When shaving, the skin remains smooth. The hairs do not break or remain visible or palpable, as happens with plucking. Although it is not a long-lasting method, shaving remains one of the most preferred methods of hair removal because it is quick, easy and the skin remains smooth afterwards.

But sometimes smooth skin is the last thing you get after shaving. Problems such as redness, pimples, irritation caused by the razor and other common shaving mistakes may occur.

With the help of some easy tricks you can help your skin to be silky soft and smooth after shaving. Here's how.

Use shaving gel or cream, not soap

It can be tempting to use all-purpose soap instead of buying shaving gel, foam, or cream, but it's important for your skin. Soaps dry out the skin, and this becomes even more noticeable when you shave. Use only products intended for this purpose. So the skin stays softer.


Exfoliation of the skin stimulates the renewal of skin cells. If you exfoliate before shaving, the likelihood of breakouts and breakouts is much less.

Apply sunscreen

Sun protection is a very important part of skin care, no matter what area it is. Don't forget to use sunscreen after shaving, especially if it's summer and you're going outside after showering.

Apply hydrating and moisturizing cream

After shaving, it is important to act very quickly with the application of the moisturizing cream. Then the pores are open and absorb all the moisture from these products. Moisturizing and hydrating post-bath lotions contribute to the softening of the skin and its smoothness.

Use body oil

Body oils are another great option for softening the skin after shaving. They contain moisturizing and hydrating molecules, fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it. If you want to enjoy baby-smooth skin, apply body butter in the evening before going to bed so that it absorbs well during the night.

Use hyaluronic acid products

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component in the skin. With time and daily treatment, the skin loses valuable amounts of it. Apply it externally using hyaluronic acid-enriched creams, lotions and serums. Apply regularly and after shaving for soft and smooth, supple and shiny skin.

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