Women's Favorite 8 Detox Therapies

Women's Favorite 8 Detox Therapies
Women's Favorite 8 Detox Therapies

Daily stress, unhe althy habits and eating, lack of sleep, lack of sports activity… All this leads to the accumulation of toxins in our body Gradually, fatigue overwhelms us, we get sick more often, a number of ailments appear, we accumulate extra pounds, our skin is flabby, more aged.

A bad scenario that probably no one would want to be in. Making myself a cup of detox green tea with my he althy breakfast, I reflected that food is at the heart of helping the body eliminate toxins and accumulate less. Sports too.

I thought about what else we can do for our body and beauty, which will also contribute to detoxification of the body.

My list of favorite 8 detox therapies,include the following.

1. Detox S alt Scrub

Sea s alt, Himalayan s alt, Dead Sea s alt are natural detoxifiers as they have the ability to absorb toxins from the skin. Both on the face and on the skin of the body, a layer of dead skin cells accumulates, which must be removed. Otherwise, the skin looks dry, flaky, uneven in complexion.

On the other hand, s alt scrubs help us invigorate our skin, improve blood circulation. Peeling with s alt helps us eliminate a large part of accumulated bacteria, reduce inflammation, itching.

The good thing is that we can choose from a wide variety of body and skin care products that are enriched with tea tree oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and other skin favorite ingredients that also act as detoxifiers. Of course, we should not forget about the skin of the feet, it also needs regular exfoliation.

2. Foot cosmetics

Cosmetics for the feet should not be underestimated, because it is another way to help the body and skin to improve their condition. There are a variety of products that we can choose from, but for daily care, we usually use creams. How can we be sure which cream will satisfy the needs of our feet?

Whenever we hear Babé, we know we have a faithful ally. Spanish cosmetics, which is becoming more and more beloved by ladies, has also taken care of our comfort with the intensive therapy for cracked feet, enriched with 10 % urea.


The Repairing Cream for deep hydration of dry and cracked feet by Laboratorios Babé not only helps to restore the skin, but is also a effective protection against dryness, cracked heels and the stiffness that we are ashamed of especially in the summer months, wearing open shoes.In addition, cells are protected from oxidative stress, caused by free radicals, thanks to vitamin E,which is part of the active ingredients in the product.

  • The feeling of comfort is immediate, and also contributes to it:
  • Shea oil – rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent cell regenerator contributing to skin balance;
  • Urea – the skin's natural moisturizing factor;
  • Glycerin – Hydrates, but also restores the skin;
  • Lactic acid – for more elastic skin that is also well hydrated;
  • Allantoin – helps maintain hydration, as well as faster skin healing;

Gentle foot massage, pleasant aroma, rich texture and feeling of detoxified and beautiful skin on the feet, every day.

3. Gua Sha Body and Face Massage

Gua sha is a Chinese massage technique that dates back thousands of years. Essential oils are usually used for it, as well as a special massager made of jade, rose quartz with rounded ends. Home facial massage with gua sha stone is becoming more and more popular among ladies.

At home we could perform gua sha in certain parts of our body, but the good thing is that more and more beauty salons offer it as a therapy to eliminate stress, detox the body. Thanks to the specific movements performed with the gua sha stone, lymphatic drainage is improved, toxins are eliminated, blood circulation is improved, herbs penetrate the body, the skin is tighter and toned.


Depending on whether you do a gua sha massage on your face or body and whether you use essential oils or body lotion, face cream, this amazing therapy also helps to better absorb the ingredients in the products, which also is important when we want to get rid of toxins in our body.

4. Sauna and/or steam bath

We can easily call them detox therapies, with which we like to pamper ourselves when we are on a spa holiday or after sports activity, in an urban environment. What is the difference between a steam room and a sauna?

When we use a sauna, we expose ourselves to dry heat. In the steam room we have the so-called wet heat, there is a high level of steam. Or to put it briefly, the difference between the two is the level of moisture.

There are many benefits to our body and skin when we take a sauna or steam bath. Not only do they improve blood circulation, but they help reduce stress, support recovery after sports, and improve immunity. By releasing sweat, we eliminate some of the retained excess fluids and toxins. The skin after a sauna or steam bath feels softer and fresher.

5. Foot Detox

Detoxification of the feet is a process in which we can cleanse our body of accumulated toxins through the feet. Detox foot treatments are performed in some beauty and spa salons, but we can also do them at home. They can be done by soaking the feet in s alts, using masks, scrubs, and the basis of the therapy is of course the ingredients with a detoxifying effect.

Examples of such are algae, various oils, herbs, bamboo, charcoal, huma and others, which can be added to s alts, foot masks, and with huma we can even make a foot mask at home, adding to it a little water or herbal decoction, favorite oils.

In addition to making the skin of the feet smoother and more beautiful, detox foot treatments help relieve fatigue, stress. Deep detox has been proven to help boost immunity. Detoxification significantly reduces inflammation in the body that can lead to various ailments and diseases.


6. Dry brushing of the body (optionally also of the face)

Another beautifying therapy that we can do at home is dry brushing. Its benefits on the skin and body are very similar to using scrubs and massage gloves.Dry brushing is done with light movements, using special brushes for the purpose with different types of hair.

The massage starts from the feet and continues to the rest of the body. Of course, dry brushing is done on dry skin, then shower as usual and apply appropriate nourishing cosmetics.

Dry brushing can help detoxify the body, improve the appearance of the skin. Lymphatic drainage is encouraged, and the body's lymphatic system naturally eliminates dead cells as well as toxins from the body.

7. Body Masks

Body masks are a great way to have a spa at home when we can't visit a beauty salon. You can find different types of masks. Those who care about the beauty of the bust, with a slimming and tightening effect, peeling masks.

When you want to achieve not only more beautiful skin, but also to detoxify it, bet on body masks with ingredients such as spirulina, with different types of clay, with different types of mud (for example from the Dead Sea), charcoal and others.Applying body masks makes the skin more beautiful, eliminates impurities, which reduces the risk of inflammation, the appearance of pimples. Certain ingredients work to improve lymphatic drainage.

8. Foot massage

Another therapy that we can treat ourselves to in the beauty salon or do at home. There are different types of foot massages that a professional could give you. Foot massages at home are also a quick and pleasant way to take care of the comfort and detox of your whole body, and in addition to the skin of your feet.

We can start with a s alt bath. After soaking our feet for a few minutes, massage them with aromatic oils, slowly. It is even more pleasant if we entrust this massage to our loved one.

What are the he alth benefits of foot massage? Blood circulation improves, points connected to individual organs in the body are stimulated, thereby achieving lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from the body, improving sleep, balancing blood pressure, increasing energy levels, reducing stress and fatigue.

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