6 mistakes we make with perfumes

6 mistakes we make with perfumes
6 mistakes we make with perfumes

Perfume is that invisible jewel that we cannot live without. It is also one of the oldest cosmetic products, the use of which began many centuries ago. Perfume emphasizes our style, individuality, mood, femininity. We spray it where we want to be kissed, but sometimes we make some mistakes with it too. Check out some of them.

You don't spray, you rub the fragrance

One of the most common mistakes we make when applying perfume is to rub it lightly and spread it on our skin after spraying it. The friction heats the skin, which produces natural enzymes that change the scent. Heat can cause your perfume to lose its sharpness and fragrance.

You are not hydrating your skin

Before applying your perfume, don't forget to hydrate your skin to make the fragrance last longer. In fact, the ideal time to apply your favorite perfume is right after the shower because the pores are open and therefore will hold the fragrance for a longer time.

You rub the fragrance on your skin when you test in the store

Perhaps there is no person who has not made this mistake when choosing a new fragrance. However, by rubbing the area where you applied a little of it, for example wrist to wrist, you affect the molecules of the perfume and its fragrance changes slightly.

Shaking your perfume before applying

are formulated so that they do not need to be shaken before spraying. This disrupts their formula, affecting their durability and fragrance intensity.

You store your perfumes in the bathroom

If you want to preserve the fragrance of your perfume for a longer time, avoid humid areas such as the bathroom, as well as places in the home exposed to direct sunlight.In the long run, this can change its quality. That is why it is recommended to keep perfumes in a dry and cool place.

Great fragrance, I want like your perfume

How often has it happened to you that your friend, relative, colleague smells amazing and you buy the same perfume. However, this type of purchase does not always turn out to be successful. Because your skin has specifics, characteristics, and it is important to follow how the fragrance develops on it, because it may turn out that you don't like how it smells on your skin. That's why it's important to use a tester and only then decide if this perfume is yours.

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