What does the lotus symbolize according to feng shui and how to use it

What does the lotus symbolize according to feng shui and how to use it
What does the lotus symbolize according to feng shui and how to use it

Fungshui is an art woven from philosophies connecting spirit, energy, life and nature. The principles of feng shui imply harmony with nature, the natural world all around us, the life energy that flows from living plants and creatures. In the fast-paced and increasingly technological age in which we live, we increasingly need to get closer to nature again, to feel it, to use it to bring peace and harmony to our soul and home.

There are many ways to bring the wisdom and harmony of nature into your home. Plants are one such wonderful way to use the power of nature to improve the energy in your home.

The lotus is a popular symbol in Feng Shui that brings peace, harmony and positive energy. Here's what it symbolizes and what it means in feng shui.

The lotus is a beautiful plant with an even more beautiful color. It grows in lakes and artificial pools. It is emblematic of Eastern cultures. It is found in white, pink and red colors. In Chinese folk medicine, lotus leaves are used for various purposes. The flower can be used for decoration, but it also has nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Unfortunately, the lotus cannot be brought into the home alive as it grows in ponds like the water lily. However, you can take advantage of the symbolism of this flower and incorporate it into your home interior.

Here are some of the key meanings of the lotus in Feng Shui, according to thespruce.com:

Purity and Perfection

One of the philosophies and wisdom traditions that feng shui draws from is Buddhism. In the Buddhist tradition, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment because it grows with exquisite color even in the wettest mud puddle.

Marriage and Fertility

The Chinese name of the lotus plant combines a combination of words meaning connection and peace. In this sense, the lotus can also be seen as a symbol of peaceful union. It can help harmonize marital relations and stimulate fertility.


The lotus is also associated with abundance, fertility, fecundity. This plant has many gifts to provide in summer, both for food and for decoration and medicinal purposes, for which it is used in eastern cultures.

How to use lotus in your home?

If you have a house with a yard, it will be the most favorable circumstance to make an artificial pond in which to grow live lotuses. However, this option is not possible for most people. For this reason, you can add lotus images and figurines in certain areas of your home to take advantage of its symbolic meaning in feng shui.

In the bedroom

Adding lotus images or figurines to the bedroom can bring peace and harmony to your life and relationship/marriage. The bedroom is a room of great importance, as the energy flowing through it affects your personal life. Everything you bring in and add to the bedroom can have a powerful meaning.

The bedroom is also symbolically connected to partnerships in life. Adding a lotus in the bedroom can improve connection, harmonize relationships, help balance energy in them.

In the center of the home

You can also add a lotus in the center of your home, thus channeling energy throughout the home. The power of the lotus will reverberate in your home and make the whole space more harmonious, the mood more positive, and the relationships in the family more balanced.

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