Women's Favorite 8 Beauty Products

Women's Favorite 8 Beauty Products
Women's Favorite 8 Beauty Products

The skin on the face is perhaps the one we take the most care of, as the signs of aging are most visible there. Each lady has her own set of beauty care, but she never stops exchanging information with friends or seeking useful information from dermatologists and proven sites on how to improve her skin care. Thus, pausing briefly in the dynamics of everyday life to give ourselves what we need as care, we realize with a smile that we have added one more and another cosmetic product to our favorites.

However, if we could narrow it down and pick 8 of our most favorite beauty products that we would recommend to our mothers and girlfriends, they would be the following.

1. Hyaluronic Acid

One of the skin's best friends! Although it is synthesized naturally in our bodies as well, as we age and a number of other factors affect its amounts. But hyaluronic acid is used by cosmetic brands in a number of cosmetic products for the face (and body) - creams for day and night care, eye contour, face masks. In addition, hyaluronic acid could also be found in the form of a pure molecule, which is applied before applying the evening or day cream.

Why do women like her so much? Because it helps to slow down the aging of the skin, moisturizes the skin, but also retains moisture in it, helps to heal superficial wounds, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic, reduces redness.

2. Sunscreen Superfluid for Face with SPF 50

Do you know that our skin, especially that of the face, needs sun protection all year round? If you don't believe me, take a closer look at stubborn pigment spots on your face, especially those around the eye contour.Small but visible enough to add tiredness and lethargy to our face.


However, when we regularly apply it is different. As well as providing very high spectrum protection against UVA/UVB, IR rays as well as HEV (blue light) which also ages the skin, it reduces damage from environmental pollutants.

Its texture is light, quickly absorbed by the skin, which is hydrated and protected thanks to the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants in it, which work against photoaging.

Care that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, without irritating the eyes.

A perfect summer product for the beach as it is also waterproof, for the mountain or when you are in a dynamic urban environment.

Other active ingredients in Sunscreen Superfluid Face are:

  • the carnosine, which contributes to the natural protection of the DNA structure of the skin, as it has an antioxidant effect;
  • vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, ultraviolet rays, helps the skin to be elastic and he althy, helps the synthesis of collagen.

Good sun protection for facial skin is one of the first and most important steps in daily skin care.

3. Face Serum

Unique facial skin care products that provide it with concentrated amounts of active ingredients. Thus, greater amounts of active molecules penetrate the skin's surface for optimal effectiveness. We achieve visible results in a shorter time. There are a variety of serums for the face and the eye area including, and depending on what problem we would like to solve, we choose the corresponding product. Also, because of the higher concentration, it usually takes less time to see visible results.

In general, face serums fall into the following categories – anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serums, even skin tone, hydrating, acne-prone, skin texture-enhancing serums.


4. Face mask sheet

Favorite cosmetic product for frequent use. Sheet masks are convenient and easy to apply, which is important for every woman, since we live dynamically and have a lot of tasks to do. But beauty can't wait, right ladies? After applying a sheet mask, we usually do not need to rinse the skin, apply additional cosmetic care.

We choose our favorite sheet masks according to whether we are going to treat signs of fatigue, wrinkles, whether we want to detoxify our skin or renew its glow with a dose of hyaluronic acid. Do we need sebum regulation. This, of course, also determines the active ingredients in the product with which we will treat ourselves.

5. Floral water

One of the best ways to reduce daily stress, including that on your facial skin, is to use floral waters.We start with their amazing scents, such as lavender, roses, chamomile, the possibilities are varied. We know that nice fragrances make us feel good from the inside out. Floral waters are extracted by steam distillation of aromatic plants, and when this process is complete, the essential oils and floral waters of the plant are separated.

How does their regular use take care of our skin? First of all, blood circulation and skin cell renewal are improved. Floral waters are suitable for any skin type, including acne-prone skin. Their application contributes to the tightening of the skin, its refreshment, regulation of greasiness, reduces puffiness of the eyes.


6. Eye patches

A cosmetic product that is becoming more and more beloved by ladies because it helps us always have a remarkable look, without signs of fatigue.Are they effective? Definitely yes! We usually keep them on our skin for 15-20 minutes. That is why the active ingredients in them, which the skin quickly absorbs, are in a higher concentration.

According to the needs of our eye area, we can choose a variety of eye patches - with hyaluronic acid and other types of acids that help to hydrate the skin, which have a brightening, tightening effect, against dark spots.

Some patches also combine vitamins A, C, E, nourishing complexes. By using this cosmetic product, we reduce the signs of fatigue, puffiness, pigment spots, fine lines, and the risk of the appearance of new wrinkles is reduced.

7. Night face mask

We use them several times a week when we don't apply cream at night. We only need a small amount, which the skin quickly absorbs, and the we alth of active ingredients does its job while we rest. In the morning, our skin feels fresh, nourished and rested.The active ingredients in night masks are varied, but most often they include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ingredients to reduce the signs of stress on the skin, pigment spots, acne, wrinkles and others that revitalize the skin.

8. Exfoliant

You can also meet them under the name skin scrub. There are those that are suitable for the care of the skin of the face and body, but there are also exfoliants intended primarily for the delicate skin of the face. We need them because with their help we remove the surface layer of dead skin cells. In this way, we clean the not so deep pores of the face, even out the complexion, help to reduce the depth of some fine wrinkles and surface scars.

Again, according to the type of skin and its needs, we can find a variety of products enriched with valuable ingredients that take care of our beauty.

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