5 fruits for refreshed and firm facial skin

5 fruits for refreshed and firm facial skin
5 fruits for refreshed and firm facial skin

We are well aware that if we want our skin to be beautiful and he althy as we age, it is important to include fresh fruits in our daily menu. They provide us with very important nutritional elements that favor the condition of the skin. In addition to consumption, fresh fruits are also refreshing care for the skin of our face. We love making homemade face masks with them.

See 5 fruits that add more glow to our skin, and which you can apply as masks.


The sweet and delicious pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, which helps to renew the collagen in the skin, thanks to which it is tighter, smoother.The good thing is that we can consume pomegranate almost all year round. Also, its fresh juice combined with yogurt, green tea and honey makes a great homemade face mask, refreshing and rejuvenating.


A wonderful fruit for our good shape, good digestion, but also for the he alth and beauty of our skin. Be sure to add it to your menu. Also, the fruit contains alpha-hydroxy acid, which is often included in cosmetic products designed to improve the condition of the skin. Papaya is also rich in enzymes that are believed to help reduce inflammation, eliminate dead skin cells. Here you can see a great idea for homemade which is a key antioxidant helping to rejuvenate the skin. Its consumption also provides us with vitamin C, which helps to brighten the complexion, enhances the shine. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and helps collagen synthesis. Well-chilled watermelon pureed is great for a refreshing face mask on summer days and especially after sun exposure.


We love it in lemonade, cocktails or desserts, but it is another fruit that takes care of the beauty of our skin. It has an improving effect on the complexion, has a firming effect. You can combine lime with other fruits in a face mask, as well as with turmeric powder, honey, yogurt.


Tomato is that fruit that not only has an astringent effect on the skin, but also helps to reduce pigment spots. On summer days, it can help relieve reddened skin, sun rashes. You can apply it alone on your face, but you can also combine it with yogurt. Tomato is a gentle exfoliant, revealing a more radiant skin.

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