How to choose the best foundation

How to choose the best foundation
How to choose the best foundation

Foundation is one of the main components in makeup. If you use it daily in your beauty routine, you should know that in order for your skin to be he althy, radiant and looking younger despite the advancing years, you need to consider some factors in your foundation. If you've been using the same foundation for the last 10 years, for example, it's time to change it. Current formulas are improved and have a beneficial effect on the skin.

What foundation to choose?

Start with the oils

Oil-enriched formulas are the most versatile foundation choice. For dry and normal skin, this is the best choice, because the oils take care of the skin's hydration, improve its elasticity and smoothness.Choose formulas that include hydrating and antiaging ingredients such as vitamin E and C, collagen and peptides.

However, if you suffer from acne, oil-enriched foundations may not be suitable for you, as oils create conditions for further clogging of pores and the appearance of pus-filled pimples. Consult your dermatologist.

Avoid the powder

If you are aged 40+ for example, using powder can add another 10 years to your look. Avoid it if you want to have more youthful looking, he althy and vibrant looking skin.

The important keywords in choosing a foundation should be "glow", "radiance", "hydration", "nourishment". If the product description you're looking for has one of these definitions, try it.

Use foundation and concealer

After choosing the right foundation for you, be sure to include foundation and concealer in your beauty routine. This will enhance the radiance of your skin and improve the visual blending of the foundation with the natural skin tone.

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