The difference between cream powder and foundation

The difference between cream powder and foundation
The difference between cream powder and foundation

What is the difference between cream powder and foundation? Both cosmetic products serve to mattify the skin of the face, but it matters what you choose for your skin. It looks more natural than foundation.


Cream powder is a two-component product that contains a hydration cream for the skin and a microparticle powder that helps the skin to does not shine, after applying the cream, peeling off excess fat. It is used for normal, oily and problematic skin.

Foundation is makeup that has a special covering effect in different colors. It is used to even out the complexion, recently massively, but mostly by professional make-up artists. It does not strip excess fat.There are different types of foundation - lighter, more oily and in many shades. It is suitable for dry and normal skin.

Both products protect the skin from the harmful influence of the environment - pollution and UV protection. Evens out the complexion of the face and neck,

It is recommended for sensitive, oily or problematic skin to use the medical foundations and cream-powders that are sold in pharmacies. They are adapted, specially tested and do not clog pores.

Carefully choose the color - if it's too dark, it will age your face. And while just a few years ago it seemed unacceptable to transform your face with powder or foundation every day, today cosmetic medical products have developed so much that dermatologists consider them harmless and what's more - mandatory both for protecting the skin of the face, and for beautification.

The recommendations were given by Dr. Ana Peikova from the Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetics "Derma Elite".

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