How to do makeup if you wear a protective mask

How to do makeup if you wear a protective mask
How to do makeup if you wear a protective mask

Makeup is an essential part of the look of many women. However, it could get damaged and not last all day if you wear a protective mask on your face. If so, you need to change some of the elements in your skin care and makeup routine.

Start with deep moisturizing cream

Wearing a protective mask implies the retention of moisture from your breath, as well as the appearance of skin irritations, even on the cheeks and around the lips. If you have to wear a protective mask for an extended period of time during the day, but also take the mask off at certain times, underneath it you probably want your makeup to withstand the stress all day. So start with a good foundation. Hydrated skin is the best base to put your makeup on.This will protect it from the harmful effects of moisture and exhaled carbon dioxide under the mask. Good deep hydration also protects against irritation.

Don't forget a good makeup base

A good makeup base before applying foundation is essential. She has to be able to keep the makeup on all day, which is a difficult task considering wearing a mask. Use a mattifying makeup base. It will handle the increased humidity while wearing a protective mask.

Use a light, non-comedogenic foundation

The lighter formulas you use for your makeup when wearing a mask, the better for the skin. This way you will help her breathe easier and stay alive and unharmed. If you wear a mask most of the day or are outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen to the area above the mask, around the eyelids and forehead. Apply foundation with a light and breathable formula over it.

Place emphasis on the eyes

If until now you preferred to emphasize your lips with striking lipstick colors, now you will have to shift the emphasis to your eyes. When wearing a safety mask, they remain the most visible part of your face. Use a thick mascara that gives volume to the eyelashes. Apply shadows or eyeliner to emphasize the sharpness of the eyes. To emphasize the highlight of your eyes even more, you can also use a highlighter in a suitable shade for your skin. The highlighter will help you cover up dark circles, wrinkles around the eyelids, and will also hydrate the skin in this area.

Pay attention to the eyebrows

Eyebrows are also actively involved in the expressiveness of your face under the mask. Take care of their beauty and shape. You can add an eyebrow pencil to emphasize their curves and the sharpness of the look.

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