Favorite 8: Skin care

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Favorite 8: Skin care
Favorite 8: Skin care

Dear ladies, with the approach of the most women's day of the year - March 8, we decided to present you our series dedicated to this holiday. The column is called "Favorite 8" and in it we will tell you about our preferences and favorite products in different areas - he alth, beauty, fashion, home, travel. In eight consecutive topics, we will share our favorite 8 things, about which we will tell you curious and interesting details. We start the series with a topic dedicated to beauty and our skin care

We women love to pamper ourselves, especially when it comes to skin care. Every lady has her own set of favorite ingredients and skin care products. Check out 8 of our favorites and their benefits for skin he alth and beauty.

1. Nourish with coconut oil

One of the most commonly used and favorite skin care products of many ladies is the rich coconut oil. Whether it's part of our facial or body beautifying ritual, the oil strengthens the skin, helps eliminate dead skin cells, has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is easily absorbed and is a suitable care even for ladies with combination skin type, as it does not clog pores. The skin, like any other organ in the body, needs a constant supply of oxygen and important nutrients. Therefore, do not forget to add coconut oil to your menu. Here you can also see some recipes with it.


2. Eye patches

If you haven't tried it yet, eye contour patches are great care for the delicate skin in this area of ​​the face.You can find a variety of options, according to the ingredients that are highlighted in them. Eye patches can be used at any time of the day. When applied to the skin, the feeling is of lightness, coolness, relief of fatigue. Thanks to them, we reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, tighten and nourish the skin around the eyes. They help us look fresher precisely because of the ingredients in them, including hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine and others.

3. Floral waters

Pleasure for the skin and a fragrant way to reduce stress on it, but also to free ourselves from the tension of everyday life, thanks to unique fragrances. Floral waters are derived from the distillation of aromatic plants, from which essential oils are also extracted. An example of floral water is our favorite rose. The advantages of using floral waters are that they refresh, hydrate, soothe the skin. What type to choose for your skin, see here.


4. Thermal water

Instant freshness at any time of the day, anywhere - in the office, on the beach. Thermal waters are great because they can also be used over makeup if you've had a stressful day at work and just want to quickly de-stress. In the pharmacy network, you can choose between different types of thermal water. Generally speaking about them, they are rich in minerals and trace elements. Soothes the skin after depilation, sunburn, cuts, suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, they hydrate and leave a feeling of softness.

5. Huma

Centuries ago, huma was used to improve general he alth. What makes it special in skin care is that huma helps it to be firmer, nourished, relieves acne, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. You can combine it with rose water, herbal decoctions, honey, yogurt.You can choose between different types of hummus, some of which you can read about here.

6. Hyaluronic Acid

Our skin is thirsty for it, so we get it through the consumption of certain foods or add cosmetic care enriched with it, have cosmetic beautifying massages and procedures at a specialist. Hyaluronic acid helps reduce the harmful effects of stress and the environment on the skin, nourishes it. Helps retain moisture in skin cells, slows down the appearance of wrinkles, is quickly absorbed.

7. Vitamin C

We find it in a number of skin care products, including some serums. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. What makes it special for the skin is that it helps it stay well hydrated, helps collagen synthesis, fights pigmentation, improves skin tone, reduces redness.

Also smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces the risk of dark circles around the eyes, slows down skin aging processes.

8. Honey

A gift from nature, and our skin loves it. Honey is one of the best natural cares for our beauty. It is believed that its application can alleviate conditions such as acne, psoriasis. Honey leaves a feeling of softness and smoothness on the skin, but at the same time tightens it. Nourishes it, improves its complexion and helps to fade surface scars from pimples, wounds. It's great for our homemade face masks. Check out some ideas here.

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