Foundation or powder for summer?

Foundation or powder for summer?
Foundation or powder for summer?

One of the most frequently asked questions related to makeup is: should we use foundation or should we choose powder in the summer ? Or to use neither. Fortunately for the ladies, we live in the year 2010, when technology and scientific progress are at their peak and allow cosmetics to develop extremely quickly. That's why we have to make only one choice - which is better for our skin and vision.

Foundation - the most popular base foundation that you can find in different colors and body shades. It is used in the daily life of almost all women. There are variants of bronzing bases, foundations with a powder effect, matting creams, etc.n. The truth about this makeup is that it is heavy on our face and we need to clean it well after it is done.

Since the foundation very easily clogs the pores of the face, it is imperative to choose better quality cosmetics for your skin. For the summer, it is recommended to limit the use of foundation during the day, and to choose a compact powder with a "marble effect", which makes your face marble-smooth and with a natural glow, without shiny or greasy.

But it almost always also depends on the quality of the product chosen, since there are brands that are more expensive, but at the same time they do not allow your face to turn into a caricature.

For in the evening, if you decided to go out to a party or restaurant, you can choose foundation with a powder effect which cares for the skin and protects against unpleasant smearing or leakage from the heat.

A good choice is also the matting foundation.Depending on the brand, it often contains an antibacterial complex that keeps the skin as he althy as possible after using this type of cosmetics. The special mattifying powder particles of the foundation give the skin a smooth velvety complexion without clogging the pores.

For powder lovers, we recommend using a foundation with mattifying particles, as this is the only way to achieve the desired smooth effect. And you can apply pure powder only to those areas of the face that are more oily.

The final touch of your summer makeup is the indispensable powder with bronze particles or bronzer, which will make you glow. Very lightly and delicately apply it to the prominent parts of the face and neck, and you can also put a little on the décolleté. Now you're ready to party!

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