4 reasons not to skip applying foundation

4 reasons not to skip applying foundation
4 reasons not to skip applying foundation

When it comes to makeup, the first step that most ladies skip is applying foundation. Makeup base can be gel, cream, light in color and has the power to make your makeup look really impressive. Check out some good reasons not to skip foundation.

Makes makeup last

Flawless makeup needs a good foundation. Applying a makeup base before foundation, powder, eye shadow (put makeup base on the eyelids too) will make your makeup more resistant when you are in a room with smoke, dust, bad or too hot weather.

Reduces pore size

In beauty shops you will find different brands and types of makeup bases. We advise you to trust the consultants, because the choice of the foundation is as important as the choice of the rest of the makeup.


Share what your skin is like, does it get oily more quickly, maybe you are also worried about wide pores on the face. A suitable makeup base will not only reduce visibility of the pores, but also the release of excess sebum.

Extra moisturizes your skin

If your skin is dry and dull, especially during the winter months, choose a moisturizing makeup base. Adding that extra layer of hydration will reduce the risk of your skin flaking and make your makeup last and look beautiful.

Corrects uneven skin tone

Pigment spots, pimple scars, fine capillaries… No one likes an uneven complexion. For your makeup to be perfect and to cover up small skin imperfections, you need the right makeup base to do it all. A beauty trick for all the ladies who want to let the concealer "rest" for a while.

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