Homemade washing lotion with vitamin E

Homemade washing lotion with vitamin E
Homemade washing lotion with vitamin E

Hundreds of types are sold in the commercial network, but they contain a number of ingredients with a potentially irritating and harmful effect on the skin. The fragrances in them, dyes, stabilizers, parabens, SLS and other ingredients allowed to be put in the products can have a harmful effect on the skin and he alth.

You can make a homemade face wash lotion that successfully removes the build-up of dirt, sebum and dead skin cells on the skin, leaving it clean, refreshed, nourished and deeply hydrated, thanks to the natural ingredients in it.

This homemade lotion contains only natural essential oils, vitamin E and aloe vera, as well as vegetable glycerin.


  • ¼ cup liquid castile soap;
  • ¼ cup of chamomile tea;
  • ¾ cup grape seed oil;
  • 8 drops of essential oil of your choice (almond, hazelnut, avocado or olive oil);
  • 3 drops of vitamin E oil.


Brew chamomile tea. Separate ¼ cup of it to use in the lotion. Wait for it to cool completely. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Add the tea and stir. Pour the mixture into a suitable dispenser bottle.

You can use the facial cleansing lotion by applying a small amount of it to a cotton pad.

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