Risks that false eyelashes hide for eye he alth

Risks that false eyelashes hide for eye he alth
Risks that false eyelashes hide for eye he alth

Long and thick eyelashes make the look more attractive and expressive. In recent years, false lashes seem to have somewhat displaced the application of mascara. In bundles, hair by hair or a full strip, applied in a beauty salon or at home, eyelash extensions have become fashionable. False eyelashes have their advantages somewhat.

They can be used for visual correction to enliven the look, "lift" the eyelid, lengthen the shape of the eyes and more. But their placement and long-term use pose some risks to the he alth of the eyes. Here are some of them.

Inflammation of eyelashes and eyelids

The artificial eyelashes are attached to the natural ones using glue. Over time, it may turn out to be too aggressive for the eye tissues and lead to blepharitis. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid that can cause swelling, pain, itching, sticking eyelids, blurred vision.

Eye infections

Lashes not only make our look more beautiful, but also have a protective function for the eye, protecting it from dust and other pollution in the air. Unfortunately, false eyelashes do not have this protective function. According to experts, artificial hairs trap dirt, which can lead to a number of bacterial eye infections.

Allergic reactions

You can never be sure whether the artificial eyelashes that you will buy yourself from the perfumery and put on at home or those in a beauty salon will not cause allergic reactions.

Formaldehyde is a preservative that is part of a number of cosmetics. In contact with the delicate skin of the eyes, it could cause allergies, manifested by redness of the eyelids and swelling, redness of the eyes, frequent tearing.

Loss of eyelashes

Another risk of applying false eyelashes is that, as light and fine as they look, they put tension on the natural eyelashes. Some of the hairs on false eyelashes can fall out, which almost always means that natural eyelashes are lost with them. Frequent use of false eyelashes can cause your eyelashes to thin out, further increasing the risk of bacterial infections. After removing them, even applying mascara won't be able to repair the damage done by false eyelashes, and yours will take weeks to regrow.

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