How to deal with a skin reaction from cosmetic products?

How to deal with a skin reaction from cosmetic products?
How to deal with a skin reaction from cosmetic products?

Using cosmetic products beautifies the skin and makes it look younger and perfect, but sometimes also carries the risk of skin reactions and irritations.

Whether it's caused by using too many products or one in particular, a skin reaction can be a serious problem.

The reasons why skin reactions most often occur are using the wrong product for the skin type, using products with mutually interfering ingredients, or products with aggressive ingredients that have a potential irritating effect.

How to deal if we get a skin reaction when using cosmetics?

1. The easiest thing to do is to stop using the product. Don't think that irritation, even a little, is normal. Cosmetic products should not hurt, cause red rashes or make the skin feel tight. Stop using the product that you think is causing you discomfort and monitor the progress of the condition.

2. Wash the face immediately with a soap that does not contain fragrances and dyes. It is important that the soap has a neutral pH so that it does not further negatively affect the skin. This method is best for removing traces of the product that caused the irritation.

3. If the skin is red and very irritated, it is recommended to use a washing and soothing lotion with calamine and zinc oxide. Such products have the property of soothing redness, rashes and peeling of the skin.

If small bubbles appear, use an antiseptic lotion. In case of a strong reaction of this type, it is possible to use hydrocortisone preparations to extinguish the inflammation, but after consultation with a dermatologist.

4. For good prevention, it is recommended to keep your skin always well hydrated, especially the reaction area with moisturizing, oily and hypoallergenic creams.

5. If you have received acid damage or a burn from a certain ingredient in a cosmetic product and the reaction is severe, seek medical attention immediately without hesitation, especially if the irritation spreads and worsens.

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