4 current fashion trends in makeup this fall

4 current fashion trends in makeup this fall
4 current fashion trends in makeup this fall

Catwalk makeup gives us an idea of ​​current trends. Usually this makeup seems too aggressive and saturated for everyday life, in some cases even too extravagant. However, he can tell us what techniques and colors to use. We just need to take the ideas, make some adjustments and match the trends with our style and vision.

What are the current makeup trends for Fall 2018? Here are 4 of the most important of them:

1. Eyeliner

Don't miss the eyeliner this season. It is both a classic and a current trend that will grace the eyes in autumn. The exact line should be intense, preferably in black or brown.Metallic shades will also be in fashion, which you can add to the eyeliner itself or over it in the form of shadows.

2. A color to represent an accent

One fashion trick in makeup will be really chic - this is the color accent. Choose a rich color for your lipstick and make it the thing you want to emphasize in the look. you are Choose one of the autumn colors.

You can do the same with your eyes. Don't be afraid to experiment with rich color in shadows, eyeliner, eyeliner.

3. Bold lips and thick brows

Full lips instantly attract attention. Whether you choose red lipstick, orange or burgundy, the important thing is that they look thick and juicy. Use a pencil to outline the lips and make them pop.

4. Metallic sparkles

Metallic shadows will be a hit this fall. They are pretentious, but they are suitable for your evening make-up. You can also wear them during the day in lighter tones to keep up with the trends. If it still looks too saturated, try a metallic stroke at the corner of the eye.

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