What are we missing when using mascara?

What are we missing when using mascara?
What are we missing when using mascara?

The mascara is the natural finish of the make-up. Without it, the eyes look bare, and the overall look of the makeup is incomplete. So here are some tips on how to properly use mascara to look stunning and also let you know some things you probably didn't know about it.

The mascara doesn't last very long

Most women are used to "squeezing out" their favorite mascara that used to make their eyelashes look exquisite. But in fact, the durability of a mascara is between 3 and 5 months, depending on the way of use.

If yours is older, throw it away immediately! Otherwise, you risk contracting a bacterial infection!

Do you keep the old mascara brush?

As much as it hurts when the new mascara is too runny and your lashes stick together because you don't manage to dose well, don't use an old brush to brush your lashes! Unless you washed it very thoroughly. Even then, it is recommended to use it on your eyebrows, not your eyelashes.

Always remove mascara before bed

No matter how tired you are and just want to get into bed and sleep - never sleep with your makeup on! Even just one night of mascara on the lashes causes a lot of damage, let alone if it's a regular practice!

Dried mascara causes eyelashes to fall off more easily, hairs to break and ultimately - thinning. In addition, there is a risk of injuring the cornea of ​​the eye!

Want voluminous lashes?

You can achieve it very easily just by applying some baby powder using a cotton pad and then apply the mascara. This will make your look even more tempting without buying a super expensive brand of mascara!

Moisturize your lashes

We often forget, but eyelashes are hairs, just like our hair, that need hydration. Before sleeping, moisturize your eyelashes with olive oil or a suitable moisturizer.

Don't use waterproof mascara every day

Too frequent use of it is not recommended, as it is very difficult to remove. Sometimes we tend to pull with our hands to remove any remaining clump of mascara on our eyelashes and thus pluck them.

When you apply

Keep your eyes wide open. So it is certain that you will not apply mascara in the wrong place or that you will blink. To open them well, keep your mouth open while applying the mascara.

To choose the perfect mascara for your eyelashes, you need to carefully assess what exactly they need! Lengthening, thickening, volume? Whatever you need, now you know exactly how to use it.

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