7 mistakes when inserting mascara

7 mistakes when inserting mascara
7 mistakes when inserting mascara

Want beautiful, thick, curled and fluttery eyelashes but can't seem to get them? This is most likely because you are putting the mascara on your lashes incorrectly. The mistakes you are making are common and can be easily corrected as long as you know where you are going wrong. We will advise you.

Want your lashes to be curled but not using waterproof mascara

Many women avoid waterproof, but they shouldn't. The chemicals in it often have the ability to curl the lashes and make them look thicker, fuller, and sculpted. Instead of curling your lashes with various instruments that look like torture devices, try just changing your mascara.

You do not separate the eyelashes

Don't forget to curl your lashes after applying mascara. In order for them to "flutter", each hair must be separate from the others. Otherwise, your eyelashes will just look like a stuck together black mass.

You pump the mascara vigorously

Many women pump to get the brush well wet and then drain so no material gets stuck on it. This is the wrong approach because it makes the mascara dry faster.


You skip draining

Squeezing excess mascara from the brush is a key point that is often missed. This is how the biggest ones become, which you then have to clean from the eyelashes. This is difficult and does not always have a particularly good effect.

Do not rotate the brush while applying

To apply the mascara well along the entire length of the hair, and to curl the eyelashes well, it is necessary to rotate while applying the product. In this way, you will completely color each hair, and you will properly separate the eyelashes.

You are not applying enough layers of mascara

One time is not enough. At least 2 layers of mascara should be applied so that your look is sufficiently expressive and saturated with color. However, it is important not to overdo it to avoid the opposite effect.

Cleaning the dirty places too soon

No matter how well you have learned to apply mascara, the risk of staining the surrounding tissues of the eyelid is high. Don't rush to clean immediately with a wet pad or ear stick, because if the mascara on the eyelashes has not yet dried well, you will spoil its look. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and then act on the damage.

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