Mascara application tricks for more expressive eyes

Mascara application tricks for more expressive eyes
Mascara application tricks for more expressive eyes

Eye mascara is the most important part of a woman's makeup. You can go without foundation, lipstick, powder or blush, but you can't afford to go without mascara!

Probably not all women are of the same opinion, but makeup experts are unanimous that highlighting women's eyelashes is a woman's best weapon.

How to properly apply mascara?

Step 1 – place the brush on. With movements to the left and right, start applying the mascara. This is how you will do the coloring and combing of the eyelashes from the very foundation.

Step 2 – start rotating the brush while applying the mascara. This will help comb the lashes and prevent them from clumping together.


Step 3 – close the eyelids and apply a final touch – curl the eyelashes at the ends with the help of the brush and apply a final layer of mascara.

Choose the right mascara for you

To get the most out of your eyelashes, it's good to know in advance what reinforcement they need. Determine if your lashes need lengthening, thickening, volume or you want to coat them in waterproof mascara.

How to keep eyelashes well combed?

Annoying clumping of eyelashes is a big problem when applying mascara. To prevent this, use a combing brush. With its help, comb the eyelashes after applying the mascara, thus removing the excess amount of matted mascara.

The other and even better way is to use an old and well-washed mascara brush. It will do a better job than a standard eyelash brush because it will remove as much excess makeup as possible and make each hair of the eyelashes perfectly fluffy.

Don't be afraid to mix mascaras

If you haven't thought of this yet - do it. Do you want your eyelashes to be long and voluminous at the same time? Then mix two types of mascara and blend it well with a few strokes of the brush.


Don't feel obligated to only use black mascara

There are lovely soft tones from the brown range that look great on both dark and light eyes. For more daring experimenters, colored mascaras could also be a good option.

Use curler

Don't forget to use an eyelash curler if they are not naturally curled. If the mascara brush trick doesn't work either, it's almost a must to end up with a curling iron. This way you will reveal and emphasize the whole

Always lay foundation

Lash base will help the mascara to be more saturated and dense in color. It will also help your mascara stay on your lashes throughout the day and prevent it from falling off your lids.

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