The best makeup colors according to skin tone

The best makeup colors according to skin tone
The best makeup colors according to skin tone

One of the most tragic makeup mistakes a woman can make is wearing the wrong colors for her skin tone. That doesn't mean you can't wear blue eyeshadow and orange blush. You certainly can, as long as it suits your skin tone.

Finding the right tones and shades of your skin is the secret to facial beauty.

Wearing the wrong colors can make you look too pale or tired. With the right makeup, your beauty stands out to a higher level. This will help you present your best face.

Also, using the right colors helps you look more natural, which is very important.

How to find your skin tone?

Most makeup brands classify makeup into several categories - very light (fair), light (light), beige (neutral), medium (medium) and dark (dark). This is a good guide, but to find the right tones for you, you first need to know your own undertones.

They appear on the surface of the skin and are divided into three categories: cool tones (cool), warm (warm) and neutral (neutral).

To determine which of these categories your skin falls into, use Paula Begun's test from Paula's Choice.

Look at the veins on your wrist. If your skin is cool-toned, your veins will stand out in blue and purple colors. Warm skin tones will show green-toned veins, while neutral skin tones have more invisible and flesh-toned veins, not as transparent.

Makeup colors for cool skin tones


Whether your skin is fair or dark, if it has a cool undertone, the colors that suit it are pink, purple, red, blue, green and gray. Instead of wearing a peachy blush, even though it's trendy right now, for example, it's better to wear a more vibrant bluish pink for your skin. You can also mix two different colors in the blush.

Red and deep pink lipsticks shimmer great on cool skin type lips. And the gray and deep purple shadows make the eyes stand out even more against the overall background.

Don't be afraid of the saturation of these colors in the palettes. They will look brilliant on your skin type.

Makeup colors for warm skin tones


Women with warm skin tones look best in warm makeup colors. If you have a warm skin tone, you can choose orange, orange-red, peach, bronze, brown and gold colors for your makeup.

Try a peach or orange blush for the cheekbones. Wear your lips in orange or red to match your outfit.

For lids, choose an earthy, brown, shimmery gold or coral.

Makeup colors for neutral skin tones


If you have a neutral skin tone you can be happy because you could wear practically any color in your makeup. You can easily switch from cool to warm colors and play with contrasts.

Women with a neutral skin tone are really lucky because they can go wild with color combinations without making them look unaesthetic.

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