Why is it not good to take a bath in a hotel?

Why is it not good to take a bath in a hotel?
Why is it not good to take a bath in a hotel?

are a known breeding ground for bacteria and germs Every hotel offers mandatory cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms, but this is far from guaranteeing absolute hygiene. And one of the dirtiest places in hotel rooms is the bathtub in the bathroom Next time you want to take a bath in your hotel room, see why you should think again.

It's no secret that the bed, doorknobs, remote, and smooth surfaces in hotel rooms are full of bacteria. They are touched by many people whose hygiene is questionable. But the bathtub is a real bomb of germs that we should not forget about when we are on vacation or staying in a hotel.

The bathroom is one of the potentially the riskiest rooms in the hotel room, because in it, moisture and heat create conditions for the overgrowth of disease-causing bacteria. When bathing and taking a bath, the warm water in which you immerse yourself contains residual microorganisms that could not be neutralized by cleaning, writes The He althy. Studies show that hotel rooms and their bathrooms, along with airports, airplanes and schools, are among the most germ-infested places.

Another study cited by Condé Nast Traveler found that the cleaning procedures of various hotels mean that the cleaning staff spend an average of about 30 minutes in each room, which is insufficient for a thorough cleaning. Further research found that tools used for cleaning, such as sponges, mops and brushes, had the highest risk of contamination. They are used repeatedly and are not replaced when cleaning each room.

When these items and tools are used to clean the bathtub, it creates an even greater risk of transferring and multiplying bacteria and germs throughout the hotel room.

Experts suggest there are even greater he alth risks when using a hot tub. Doctor Rita Moise from the Department of Biology at the University of Texas conducted a study on 43 bathtubs in hotel rooms, writes he althdigest.com. Each of the bathtubs was found to contain fungi and bacteria known for their ability to cause urinary tract infections, pneumonia and other infectious diseases. It's not just soaking the body in the dirty tub that can cause infection. Inhaling the spores of these microorganisms causes them to enter the respiratory tract directly.

Think carefully before using the bathtub in the hotel room. Make sure the hotel is clean beforehand.

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