Mistakes you probably make when wearing gloves

Mistakes you probably make when wearing gloves
Mistakes you probably make when wearing gloves

In the conditions of a coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary for everyone to use personal protective equipment in order to limit the spread of the infection. Disposable gloves are one of those tools that are good to use when we have to touch objects and surfaces intended for public use. Gloves are discarded after use.

But what could go wrong? What mistakes can be made when using such gloves that can put he alth at risk?

You apply hand cream under the gloves

Your hands are dried out from constant washing, the skin is irritated and stretched, so you have to constantly hydrate it.However, the cream should not be worn under latex and other types of disposable synthetic gloves because their materials are not breathable. This can cause the skin to sweat and create conditions for infections. Additionally, the ingredients in the creams can break down the integrity of the glove material, putting you at risk of germs from touching different surfaces.

Applying disinfectant to gloves

Disinfectants are intended for use on the skin only, not on gloves. The alcohol in them as well as other compounds can damage and tear the gloves, leading to an increased risk of infection when touching infected surfaces.

Reuse gloves

Disposable gloves are designed specifically not to be reused. Washing or washing them may clean them, but it makes the material they're made of susceptible to damage, which can put you at risk.

Reusing gloves without disinfecting or washing them puts you at even greater risk.

You use the same gloves after shopping while driving home

The purpose of using gloves in the shop is to protect yourself from touching contaminated surfaces and objects. You should discard gloves if you are entering your vehicle and touching the steering wheel and other surfaces inside. If you don't, you make wearing gloves pointless.

Touching your phone with store gloves

The same applies to your phone - it is the most frequently touched object in modern everyday life. If you don't dispose of dirty gloves after using them while shopping, wearing them serves no protective purpose and becomes pointless.

You unwrap a package and touch its inside with the same gloves

If we assume that the package is potentially contaminated with microorganisms or virus particles, we should touch it with gloves. However, the gloves must be discarded immediately after opening the package before we touch the contents with the same contaminated gloves.

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