When is hand sanitizer ineffective?

When is hand sanitizer ineffective?
When is hand sanitizer ineffective?

has become an invariable part of everyday life. Everyone has a vial with them to clean and disinfect their hands when they are outside and do not have the opportunity to wash their hands with soap and water in times of a pandemic that the whole world is in. Washing our hands remains the best and safest way to clean our hands, but without disinfectant our daily life is unthinkable.

The problem is can we rely on him alone. How long does its effect remain and is there a point at which the disinfectant becomes ineffective?

These questions are answered by Dr. Nina Gold of Hackensack Medical Center via he althdigest.com. According to her, the disinfectant has its limits. Washing the bacteria with soap and water completely removes the bacteria and viruses from the skin. Disinfectant, on the other hand, kills them but leaves them on the skin. Also, the effect of the detergent is on the bacteria already on your skin, but not on those on your clothes and the rest of your skin.

Disinfectant is also ineffective when your hands are greasy and heavily soiled. Germs that are on your skin stay on it and cannot be removed. Oil on the skin as well as heavy pollution can reduce the effect of the disinfectant and some bacteria may remain alive even after its application.

Even worse comes if you don't wait 20 seconds after applying the sanitizer and touch your face, eyes, or mouth. This ensures you get live bacteria in the body, according to a 2020 study on the longevity and effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Disinfectants containing 85% alcohol were found to have a stronger bactericidal effect, but did not have "appreciable persistent residual activity," the study found.

The results come to show that the disinfectant actually has the effect of killing bacteria on the hands only when it is applied. The moment you touch something else, the bacteria stick to the skin again, especially if you don't wait for the disinfectant to dry completely and take full effect.

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