Bad habits to eradicate in the age of the coronavirus

Bad habits to eradicate in the age of the coronavirus
Bad habits to eradicate in the age of the coronavirus

The risk of contracting any infection has always existed. However, now at a time when all humanity on earth is fighting the new coronavirus COVID-19, some harmful unconscious habits we have can turn out to be extremely dangerous from contracting this virus.

Most of us have exactly such unconscious habits that carry an increased risk of infection and which can turn out to be more dangerous to he alth than we realize. What are these habits that we'd better get rid of now?

Nail biting

Never before has it been more important to stop putting your fingers in your mouth than during the coronavirus pandemic.Nail biting is usually a compulsion that people under its influence cannot control. They bite their nails even when their hands are dirty, and this is the biggest risk factor for getting infected with the coronavirus, and not only with it.

Pimple Squeezing

Squeezing blackheads is also dangerous and should not be done during a pandemic because you are not only touching your face but also hurting your facial skin. It is the most vulnerable to viral particles and through the wounded areas they can enter your body undisturbed. Don't do it.

Twisting your hair, playing with it

If while you are talking to someone or on the phone or reading a book and you start twisting and twisting your locks without wanting to, this is also a potentially dangerous habit that can infect you. When you're out and in contact with a virus, it can get on any part of your body, including your hair. You touch your hair with dirty hands, then you may touch your face or stroke your face with the end of the strand you are twirling.There are many ways in which your hair can become infectious. Stop this habit.

You don't change your sheets often

A large number of pathogens are retained on the sheets. Therefore, it is imperative that you change the sheets as often as possible so as to protect yourself from infection. Don't sit or lie on them in clothes you've been wearing outside. This is an extremely dangerous mistake.

You keep the toothbrush on the sink

Many people don't think twice about leaving their toothbrush on the sink or bathroom counter without placing it in a dedicated holder or cup. The contact of the brush with the surfaces in the bathroom is dangerous, because they collect a lot of bacteria, viruses and pathogens, which directly enter the oral cavity through the toothbrush.

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