7 things you always forget to clean in your home

7 things you always forget to clean in your home
7 things you always forget to clean in your home

There is always something to clean at home. The standard places where dirt collects are clear. You probably focus on them every time you clean your home. You can't ignore the entrance hall, the toilet, the bathroom, the dirty counters in the kitchen, the appliances you use most often. Let's not forget the floor everywhere in the home. Apart from them, however, there are still so many places where dirt collects, but which we often forget to clean.

What are the places in the house that you didn't realize needed cleaning?

Dryer vents

When drying the clothes in the dryer, the captured moss is separated from them, which passes through special nozzles.If you don't clean these paths, the machine can have difficulty working or break down over time. Remove lint deposits from clothes regularly because they trap dirt and bacteria.

Reusable Shopping Bags

If you think about the environment and don't use plastic bags every time you shop, that's commendable. But you should also think about your own he alth. If you forget to wash the shopping bags you use, do it now. All kinds of impurities and pathogens are retained in them. Wash them more often, especially if you carry fresh products with them, such as meat, eggs, vegetables, dairy products that are not factory packed.

Toothbrush holders

The bathroom is a real breeding ground for bacteria because of the moisture and heat. That's why you have to be very careful in cleaning there. Be sure to clean every nook and cranny, including toothbrush holders. They hold a lot of dirt, which can be carried directly into your mouth by brushing.

The sink drain grate

If you have installed an additional grate in the kitchen sink to catch particles so as not to clog the drain, you should know that these grates need very regular cleaning. All kinds of residues are collected in them, which create conditions for the growth of bacteria. Don't forget them. Even if you don't have an extra rack, this still requires frequent cleaning of the bottom of the sink.

Brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners

The cleaning appliances and tools you use to clean your home also need cleaning. Otherwise, you're just spreading the collected dirt around again.

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