Which body parts should we never touch with our hands?

Which body parts should we never touch with our hands?
Which body parts should we never touch with our hands?

Usually we don't mind touching all parts of our body with our hands. It is ours and we can touch it as much as we want. When it comes to the transmission of germs and infections, most of the time we give importance only to external factors.

Yes, but things are quite different. Our fingers and hands are one of the biggest sources of infection. With their "help" we spread the bacteria by allowing them to enter our body.

Therefore, there are some parts of the body that should remain taboo for your hands, even when they are washed, because due to the contact with the environment, microorganisms stick to the hands very quickly.


People touch their ears all the time and most often do it unintentionally while talking, listening, watching something or just because it itches.

However, the ear canal is a direct entrance for bacteria to the inside of the body. On the inside of the ear canal there are mucous membranes, which additionally create an environment suitable for the development of bacteria.


So when your ear itches make sure you wash your hands first before reaching to scratch.


Don't rub your eyes with dirty hands. Not only can you make them inflamed by contaminating them with bacteria, but you can even catch the flu!

Flu does not enter the body only through the mouth. The eyes are an "ideal entrance" for disease-causing microorganisms. If a person with the flu sneezes at you and it hits your eyes, your infection is tied up in a towel.

The inside of the nose

The inside of the nose, which many people so painstakingly trace with their index finger, is also covered with mucous membranes. A moist environment creates a breeding ground for the bacteria you bring in with your dirty hands.



Since childhood, we have been told not to touch our mouths with dirty hands. It is the largest and most easily accessible entrance for microorganisms.

However, an awful lot of people involuntarily touch their mouths while doing something else. According to studies, a person touches their mouth an average of 23.6 times an hour, writes prevention.com. This is a real problem that underlies a huge percentage of the total morbidity on the planet.


The anus may not be the cleanest place in our body, but touching it with dirty hands carries risks. Through our hands, we can transmit bacteria that are not specific to the anus and make us sick.

The other possible danger is spreading bacteria from the anus to other parts of the body. The bacteria characteristic of the anus or the so-called fecal bacteria are not harmful in themselves when they are in place.

However, if we spread them to other parts of the body with our hands, then a problem may arise. Therefore, it is mandatory to wash hands after every bowel movement.


Do everything in your power to wean yourself off touching your face. This way you will significantly reduce the risk of infections and contagion.

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