"Pandora's Message" - Javier Sierra

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"Pandora's Message" - Javier Sierra
"Pandora's Message" - Javier Sierra

About the book

On the day Aris turns eighteen, she receives a very strange letter. It arrives to her from Athens with instructions to be read immediately. Written under extraordinary circumstances, her beloved aunt brings her back to memories of the last trip they took together through southern Europe. With the letter, she entrusts Aris with a thousand-year-old secret. And the girl discovers that mythology and modern science have more in common than expected. Both hold the keys to understanding the origins of life and disease. And for the future of humanity.

Based on the research of leading scientists, Javier Sierra tells a story that will expand our worldview on issues called to change the balance of our civilization.In our hands we hold a book that is both exciting, calming and necessary. It takes us through humanity's most critical periods to remind us of the solutions it has always found to overcome them. This is a story about the disasters and new realities we face, but also about the hopes to change ourselves and the life that awaits us.

About the author

Javier Sierra is the only contemporary Spanish writer whose books enter the Top 10 of the US bestseller list. His works have been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and inspire many readers who look for more than entertainment or intrigue in books. Having accumulated extensive experience in the world of journalism, today he devotes his time to researching historical mysteries and writing about them. Many popular books come out of his pen, among which "The Last Supper" (published in 42 countries), "The Blue Lady" (published in 20 countries), "The Templar Gates" stand out.In 2017, he received the prestigious Planet Award for his novel The Invisible Fire, in which he confronts the enigma of the sparks of inspiration through an extraordinary quest for the holy grail.

During the quarantine in Spain, the idea for "Pandora's Message" was born. The author says that he intended to finish other projects already started, but the information about the situation in which the world is, about the victims of the virus, about the anti-epidemic measures and last but not least - the conspiracy theories, prompted him to write a book - a message to the world.

Here's what else the author says about his work on "Pandora's Message":

“Letters have always been present in my life. My father was a postman. He delivered mail and postal records in downtown Teruel and went into the homes of old people, for whom he was often the only person they saw. Sick or crippled, their whole world was reduced to one window to look through and one mailbox they hardly ever opened.Sometimes, coming to such a house, my father would have to leave his leather bag on the floor, sit on the table with the recipient and read aloud the letter that had just been brought. Many of these people did not have the opportunity to go to school and could not solve the inky puzzle sent to them by some daughter or son forced to abandon their parents to earn a living elsewhere.

Dad used to tell us their stories when he got home. He did it casually, as if it were a natural part of his craft. I, of course, listened to him with my mouth open. And when Christmas came and we were allowed to go on vacation, I hurried to go with him on his tour of those houses. Then another little miracle would happen: Mrs. Emerensiana, Mr. Matias or the Perez family would invite me to sit at their tables with the brazier underneath and for a few minutes they would open their souls to me while they told me what the Christmas nativity scene looked like and what songs were sung for Christmas in their childhood.They remembered the stories about goblins and witches so popular in Aragon, and even about the day when Saint George pierced with his spear a dragon that was spewing fire nearby.

From these distant memories, the current story was born. I know what it feels like to receive a letter with a good story, and most of all I know what it is to sit and listen to the words of an old woman like Assumpta Roccamora of this book. The mixture of both feelings – and my almost obsessive fascination with the epistolary style – had been building up in me for decades until it emerged in this work.

Maybe that's why I wrote "Pandora's Message" so feverishly when SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19, forced much of the world's population to remain confined to their homes. The pandemic put me in the middle of a thousand and one projects that required travel and inspections, but it made me stop and watch from my balcony the horror unfolding around me. I suddenly felt a strong need to get hold of some long scripture-like the ones I remembered my father passing around.I imagined one day taking a letter out of the mailbox explaining what was happening. Which explains to me why, and almost without warning, millions of people around the world were diagnosed with this evil; why more than 85 countries closed their borders; what caused industrial and commercial activity to slow down like never before in our known history, and entire nations to force their citizens to stay indoors for weeks at a time, while news of the deaths and economic consequences of "planetary stagnation" flooded us with ominous omens.

I never received such a letter, of course. So I decided to write it myself. I sought refuge in my childhood – the paradise that always shelters you in the worst of times – and from it this book was born…

In the coming years, we will have to carefully consider everything we have experienced. We will need works that pave the way for us to a cosmic, broad-minded and exploratory mindset. Toward such an understanding between us that would bring us closer to nature and make us understand that in reality there is no division between terrestrial and extraterrestrial.Setting boundaries and dividing lines is an all-too-human habit, an old-fashioned paradigm that perhaps it is high time to overcome. Light, wind, viruses, love, music, art, death or literature respect no imaginary obstacles. Perhaps this book will go some way to paving a path that will lead us from our current anthropocentrism to a limitless cosmocentrism. This will be to our advantage, we will leave behind the excessive earthly provincialism with which we are burdened, and every day we will be amazed by something new.

"Pandora's Message" in 7 Quotes

When a dogma falls, a new world is born

We have selected 7 quotes to immerse you in the book and its messages.

As you will see, this is no ordinary letter, but a message in a bottle. Ancient news. A written warning in the hope that you will receive it before it is irretrievably late… What is important is not the original you now hold in your hands, but how its content will settle in you, awakening your need to share it with others.

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