How to protect yourself from infection in the mall

How to protect yourself from infection in the mall
How to protect yourself from infection in the mall

In malls, as well as in all large enclosed spaces where many people gather, there is a potential higher risk of contracting viral infections. Since the malls are open to customers and visitors, we must not forget the precautions that we must follow. In addition to these, there are a few things you can do to further reduce your he alth risk. Here they are.

Wear a mask

Wearing a mask in closed spaces is a way to reduce the risk of infection by limiting access to your mouth and nose - the gateways for virus particles. Wear a mask when entering the mall.

Limit physical contact with people in the mall

Avoid contact with unknown people. If the mall is very crowded, better do not enter unless it is unavoidable and you have to do some work. Even if you are with friends at the mall, it is still advisable to limit proximity, especially direct contact.

Don't spend too long in the shops

The longer you spend in a room, the greater the risk of inhaling more virus particles. This is even more true if the room you are in is used by multiple people for a long time. Be more expeditious and act more focused in stores.

Don't wear the clothes you bought right away

As much as you can't wait to wear the clothes you bought, it's a good idea to wash them first. This applies not only during a pandemic, but in general. The clothes in the store are touched by many people, all of them with potential infections on their skin and body.Be vigilant and do not give in to temptation.

Don't touch too many things in the mall

To protect yourself from contracting various pathogens in malls, it is important to touch as few surfaces as possible. Touch only the things you think you have a higher chance of buying or that you are bound to touch. Indiscriminate touching of surfaces, objects, goods carries a greater risk of infection.

Go to the mall during off-peak hours

Be calculated and choose less busy times when going to the mall. That way, there will be fewer people, and the space for you will be more. Avoid lunch hours when many employees are on their lunch break, as well as hours after standard business hours.

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