"Hygiene for Excellence" united teachers and students in the mission for cleaner schools

"Hygiene for Excellence" united teachers and students in the mission for cleaner schools
"Hygiene for Excellence" united teachers and students in the mission for cleaner schools

Inspiring results were achieved by more than 2,000 students from over 200 schools across the country who applied from September 15 to November 12 with remarkably creative drawings and collages on the theme “How I beat germs at home or at school “.

The children from 1st to 4th grade believed that the white sheet could hold all their dreams for a more beautiful and clean-looking environment at school and at home in one place.

The "Hygiene for Excellence" competition is being held for the third year as part of Domestos' social commitment in Bulgarian schools.The campaign is aimed at improving hygienic and sanitary conditions in schools and building good hygiene habits among the youngest students.


The main helper of the children was Captain Hygiene, whose mission was to visit the maximum number of educational institutions and through the game method - in a fun and intriguing way to meet the students face to face with good hygiene habits. The goal of Domestos was to instill in children an attitude that would lead to excellent results. Or to put it another way – hygiene for excellent students.


Over 630 drawings and collages brightened the cleanschool.bg campaign site. The winners of the competition were announced as three schools, chosen as follows: two of the projects that collected the most votes from the likes of the site www.cleanschool.bg, and one project determined by a jury composed of: Radostina Nikolova /writer, children's books/, Nusha Royanova /illustrator, children's books/, Ralitsa Naydenova /writer and illustrator, children's books/, Tatiana Grigorova /chief editor, National Geographic Kids Bulgaria/ and Nikol Bogdanova /marketing, Unilever/.


The three winning schools will receive professional cleaning and renovation of the toilets in the school buildings.

All schools in the top ten with the most votes collected from the site will receive products from Domestos and Cif, enough to keep them clean for a whole year. And each child from the classes that participated in the campaign will receive an individual gift.


On November 19, the awarded 10 drawings and collages were presented at a special exhibition in Serdika Center, Sofia. At the opening of the exhibition, all those present met the children's favorite superhero - Captain Hygiene. He had prepared a series of educational games to show how the fight against germs was most successfully waged.

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The winners from the capital's 105 school "Atanas Dalchev" were also present at the exhibition. The 4th grade students led the rankings almost all the time in the competition with their inspiring project and emphatically declared that they won due to their cooperative efforts and creative spirit.


The excited class teacher Mrs. Maria Stoilkova shared that her students' ideas impressed her with their attention to every single detail during the preparation of the project.

See who are ranked in the top 10 schools:

1. 105 SU "Atanas Dalchev", Sofia, 4th grade

2. 13 "St. St. Cyril and Methodius", Pernik, 2b class

3. "Vasil Levski" Elementary School, Plovdiv, 2nd grade

4. "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" Elementary School, Razgrad, 2nd grade

5. "Otets Paisiy" Elementary School, Menenkiovo village, municipality Belovo, region Pazardzhik, 3rd grade

6. OU "Prof. P. N. Raikov", Tryavna, 1st grade

7. SU "Hristo Yasenov", Etropole, 2b class

8. "Emilian Stanev" Secondary School, Veliko Tarnovo, 3rd grade

9. "Dr. Petar Beron" Secondary School, Svilengrad, 2a class

10. Dimitar Blagoev National University, Stara Zagora, 2nd class

For the ten awarded schools, the next exciting stage is ahead, in which their projects: drawings and collages, will be transformed into special packaging of a limited series of Domestos products. Each of the schools will receive their individual gift box.

Behind the cause of better hygiene and cleanliness in Bulgarian schools, the key partners of the campaign - "Ecopak Bulgaria", the educational online platform "Ucha. se" and the "Together in an hour" foundation. With their help, Domestos reached Bulgarian schools in order to bring about a change for the better and educate children to be responsible for their he alth.

You can follow all the news about the "Hygiene for excellent students" campaign on the official website cleanschool.bg, as well as on the Facebook page of "Cif & Domestos Bulgaria".

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