The new normal: 10 things we'll have to clean every day

The new normal: 10 things we'll have to clean every day
The new normal: 10 things we'll have to clean every day

We still don't know when the end of. We don't even know if there will be an end at all, if we will deal with the new infection, or rather we will have to learn to live with it. But one thing is certain - from now on, nothing will be the same. We will have to learn to take care of our home and body hygiene to reduce the risk of bringing the infection into the immediate vicinity of our family.

That's why we'll have to get used to it from now on.

The door handles

We touch doorknobs in our home all the time. Therefore, they must be cleaned and disinfected several times a day, and every day.

The steering wheel of the car

Youris the object you touch the most and constantly while driving. Remember to clean it immediately after sitting in the car before touching it.

Lighting Keys

The light switches in your home are also touched many times every day. Millions of viruses and bacteria can stick to them, especially the key to the front door that you feel on the way home.

Appliance handles

All appliances in your home also need special attention when cleaning. Their handles and buttons are the places where you touch the appliances most often. So clean them every day.

Kitchen Countertops

We put all the food and purchases on the counters. Potentially, they could carry virus particles on their surface. So after cleaning your purchases, don't forget to disinfect the counters too.

The phone

Your phone is one of those things that you touch dozens, even hundreds of times a day, including when you're out and about. That's why you have to disinfect it every day and several times.

The Floor

Floors should not be forgotten either. The most thorough disinfection should be done on the floor in front of the front door, where you step after coming home. Do it every day from now on.

Bank cards

It is recommended to limit payment by cash when possible of course. Bank cards allow contactless payment, which is good, but do you ever use them at an ATM? You should disinfect them immediately afterwards because ATMs are for public use and are touched by hundreds of people a day.


Many people work on computers. Even if you work on a computer that is only yours and not shared with another person, you should disinfect it every day before you start working on it.

Your hands

Your hands are not an object, but they are your "cannon" that you handle continuously in your daily life every single minute. Remember to wash them often, especially before touching your face.

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