Hygiene of intimate areas - what should we know?

Hygiene of intimate areas - what should we know?
Hygiene of intimate areas - what should we know?

Intimate hygiene is extremely important for women's he alth. To protect themselves from irritations and infections, women should make special efforts for these tender areas.

Therefore, it is important for every woman to know a few essential things regarding intimate hygiene, which are useful in fighting bad odor, discharges, irritations and all those unpleasant conditions affecting the intimate areas.

According to gynecologists the use of scented wet wipes and cleaning gels is not recommended. They contain a number of ingredients that disturb the vaginal flora, so essential for good intimate he alth.

It is enough to wash with ordinary soap and water, but it is important that the soap has a neutral pH. That way you will be clean and refreshed throughout the day. Use unscented soaps. Scented ones can disrupt the balance and normal pH levels in your intimate area.

It is extremely important to change your underwear often Specialists recommend doing this every 8 hours If you do not have this opportunity at leastwear cotton underwear that does not retain excess moisture. Too tight clothes are also not recommended – they cause constant friction in these areas and the risk of contamination.

Ladies' showers are also not a good practice Many doctors advise not to use them unless absolutely necessary. By washing the vagina, washes away the useful vaginal mucus, which has a protective function. This is a natural self-cleaning mechanism, the violation of which can lead to infections due to the violation of the delicate balance of the microflora.

Shaving is not ruled out as completely harmful, but with caution! After shaving, do not treat the skin with hot water for at least several hours. Otherwise, redness and rashes may appear. Tight clothing is again not recommended here because friction can cause itching and irritation.

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