Hygiene mistakes that we don't realize

Hygiene mistakes that we don't realize
Hygiene mistakes that we don't realize

Daily hygiene is the number one priority of most people. However, many of us make unintentional mistakes in our personal hygiene without wanting to. See what the most common hygiene mistakes are and ask yourself if you make them too!

“Brushing” the teeth

Brushing your teeth is very important. We should do it in the morning to be fresh and to remove the bacteria accumulated during the night when we kept our mouths closed for 8 hours.

In the evening, brushing is necessary to clean all the bacteria and food residues that "attacked" our teeth during the day.

But we must perform these rituals very carefully, because brushing too hard damages the enamel of the teeth and makes them vulnerable to tooth decay and its subsequent complications.

Overuse of antibacterial materials

Maintaining hygiene outside is not an easy job at all. In our modern times, however, we are used to always having around us antibacterial wet towels, lotions, washing gels without rinsing and any number of other means.

However, their ingredients are quite controversial. Most such antibacterial agents contain the chemical triclosan, which has a proven carcinogenic effect. It also affects the endocrine system, confusing the balance in the body.

Antibacterial soaps and detergents for home use are also not very helpful. They contain powerful disinfectants that along with the harmful bacteria on our skin remove the beneficial ones and thus reduce the body's natural defenses.


Using strong deodorant

Nobody wants to sweat and smell bad. Not to mention the horrible wet stains on the clothes! Humanity is already so used to using deodorants that it doesn't realize how much worse things are than natural body odor.

In deodorants and antiperspirants there is aluminum, which has the property of binding to sweat gland cells and blocking their action. It is toxic to the body and is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease and endocrine gland dysfunction.

There are alternative methods to eliminate sweating. Here you can recall how to prepare homemade deodorant.

Wearing underwear at night

Very few people know that wearing, this does not apply to daytime. Unprotected genitals are thus at a huge risk of infection, especially if you wear tight clothing. Bacteria "rub" deep into the skin folds of the vagina, where they find a favorable environment for growth. Until you feel it and you have already been "treated" to an enviable dose of pathogenic microorganisms.

Using fluoride toothpaste

Using toothpastes with more fluoride is harmful. There are divergent opinions on the question of the harm of fluoride, but if they are a fact, then there is something dubious about its effect on he alth.

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