You can't get the flu in these cases

You can't get the flu in these cases
You can't get the flu in these cases

There are many myths and legends about colds and flu. Most of us are used to instinctively trusting them, taking them at face value just because the mass of people trust them.

That's why we're going to introduce you to what actually can't make you sick, despite popular opinion!

You can't get sick from wearing lighter clothing

“Dress well so you don't catch a cold!” We are sure that each of you has heard this line from your grandmother or mother. This is an absolute myth. No matter how hard you try, it won't protect you from the flu if it hits your body at the right time.

Research has proven that it doesn't matter how many layers of thick clothes you have. The chances of getting sick do not depend on this at all, but on the current state of the body and the immune system.

If the virus gets directly into the exposed parts of the body - mouth, nose, eyes, mucous membranes, getting sick is much more likely, regardless of whether you are wearing the thickest coat and warm boots.

Going out with wet hair won't make you sick

It is a very common myth that going out in the cold with wet hair will make you seriously ill. And that's not true.

Colds are caused by viruses, not cold air as most people think. When the body experiences cold, the immune system triggers certain body chemicals embedded in our DNA. These include the defense mechanisms protecting the body from the attacks of disease-causing microorganisms.

In fact, the warmer the environment we create indoors in the winter, the more insensitive the immune system becomes to the reality outside. This makes it much easier to catch a virus, because it is still summer outside for the immune system and the body. Confusion in reading real temperatures is harmful to the body.

You can't get the flu due to vitamin C deficiency

We all know that vitamin C is recommended for flu and cold. However, this vitamin is not manna from heaven. Even taking larger amounts of it will not necessarily save you from a flu infection.

Artificial vitamin C supplements are the most inappropriate method of flu prevention. Natural sources of the useful vitamin are preferable. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and you won't go wrong. These products will also provide the body with many other useful substances that will strengthen immunity as a whole.


You can't get sick from a flu shot

However strong the myths to this effect, getting the flu from a vaccine is highly unlikely, even impossible, according to some sources.

This is because the vaccine is a substance from dead cells of the virus, which are not active, that is, they are not capable of infecting a he althy organism. All they can do is induce the production of antibodies against a given strain so that it becomes recognizable to the immune system.

You can't get infected only if someone sick is around you

As much as we believe that standing next to someone with the flu carries a risk of getting sick too, this is not necessarily the case. Think about how many times a family member or colleague sitting next to you sneezes and coughs around you and you don't get sick?

It's happened to everyone and it's no accident. According to statistics, the people who spread the flu virus the most do not even know they are sick yet. The incubation period in which the virus is most contagious is during the first 2-3 days before symptoms manifest.

So when there is already a sick person near you, the probability of him infecting you is significantly lower.

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