The most virus-laden places in airports

The most virus-laden places in airports
The most virus-laden places in airports

Viruses are everywhere, especially where many people gather, and the surrounding surfaces are touched by thousands of fingers a day. One such place is the airport. With the holiday season approaching, many people will be traveling to celebrate with loved ones back home. To protect yourself from viruses, flu and other infections during your trip, check out the dirtiest and virus-infested places in airports to avoid.

The places with a lot of people gathering

As a rule, crowded places are always a potential center for viruses and infections. At the airport, such points are the check-in queue, the baggage check, the customs control queue.It is recommended not to touch the surrounding surfaces in these places. If you do have to touch them, remember not to touch your face until you wash. If possible, wear a surgical mask to change every 4 hours.

Luggage Baskets

When you go through the scanner, you usually put your luggage in a cassette or basket. Note that these vessels are extremely dirty. They are never cleaned by the service staff and are full of bacteria and viruses. In case of contact with such dishes, wash your hands as soon as possible.

Escalators, travelators, elevator buttons

The surfaces and facilities for general use at airports are among the dirtiest and most hazardous to he alth. Among them are the elevators, their buttons, escalators, travelators (fast paths). Because they are touched by hundreds of thousands of people a day, this equipment is highly contaminated and saturated with viruses.


The luggage of the people around, including yours, are also carriers of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. They roll on the ground, they are left in polluted places, cargo spaces in airplanes are also a center of pollution. After touching your suitcase, wash your hands and do not touch your face.

Points for self-billing or check-in

Devices through which you can check in yourself at the airport, measure your luggage or pay some kind of fee are also on the list of the dirtiest in the airport. Keep that in mind when touching them.

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