Methods to deal with viruses and colds faster

Methods to deal with viruses and colds faster
Methods to deal with viruses and colds faster

Autumn and winter are the time of year when colds and viral infections are in full force. We can't always get rid of them completely. But even if we come down with the flu or a viral infection, there are some things we can do to shorten our recovery time.

Drink more orange juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice is extremely rich in vitamin C. That's why you should drink several glasses of orange juice a day. This way you will strengthen your immune system in a natural way, instead of drinking artificial nutritional supplements and vitamins.


Foot massage

To stimulate your circulation, massage your feet with peppermint oil. Peppermint has a strong effect on the upper respiratory tract. Soaking your feet in hot water has also been shown to help with a cold. Mix the water with peppermint essential oil and soak your feet. Then massage them. This will help you heal faster.

Drop some mint on the pillow too

Peppermint essential oil really helps in every way with flu and cold. To shorten the time it takes for the body to deal with the infection, add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil and sleep on this blissful and fragrant peppermint-scented pillow. This will also help you breathe better.

Sleep with a hat

It doesn't matter if you're at home - the hat will warm your sinuses and ears. This is important in terms of faster healing.

Gargle with s alt water

S alt water helps to loosen the pus deposits in angina. It also helps to neutralize the bacilli stuck to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system affected by the virus.


Make yourself a magic tea

It is important to hydrate your body when you are sick. It is best to do it with tea that contains natural bioactive substances. These are garlic, honey, lemon and ginger. Make a potion with these ingredients and drink it frequently throughout the day. This will reduce the healing period.

Make yourself cozy

The more you torture your body with discomfort, the longer you will suffer from the viral infection. If you think you're going to ward off the flu or virus while you're working and suppressing your immune system with stress and commitments, you're wrong.

Instead you have to create comfort for yourself. Lying at home in the warmth, wrapped in a blanket and a book in hand. Drink the magic potion while resting and you'll get better much faster.

Rinse your nose

Rinse your nose with a saline solution or a ready-made saline solution from the pharmacy. This removes germs and cleanses the mucous membranes.

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