The dirtiest things that spread infection

The dirtiest things that spread infection
The dirtiest things that spread infection

Many people do not recognize the importance of hand washing or simply forget about this ritual necessary for he alth. People often forget to wash their hands after handling and cutting raw meat. There is not always a place to wash our hands after getting off the vehicle.

Often, some activities that people do without thinking are considered harmless and do not carry the risk of contamination and infection. Who are they?

8. Faucets and sinks

Have you thought about how dirty the taps and sinks are in the office, in the park or in the kindergarten where you walk your children? Many people think that as long as there is running water there is no problem because the constant water flow does not allow bacteria to linger.

This is not so. It turns out that public taps and sinks are some of the most contaminated sites with bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms, and hands should be washed immediately after use. Not to mention having to wash them themselves before use.

7. Gear lever

When you drive your car, the last thing on your mind is a microbial infection. Whenever you have to open the hood and look at something inside the engine, you wash your hands, but after touching the gear stick - do you wash your hands again?

According to research, the gear lever is one of the dirtiest things in a car that few people know about. Bacteria from it, transferred to other parts of the body, are the cause of a number of infectious and bacterial diseases.

6. Pen

General purpose pens are extremely dirty as they are used by many people. Even your own doesn't sparkle with cleanliness, whether you're the only one using it.However, it is better to use your own instead of touching the public ones. If you have to, be sure to wash your hands immediately.

5. Liquid soap dispenser

So far we have emphasized the importance of washing hands after touching various dirty objects. But what if the soap dispenser itself is overflowing with bacteria?

After sampling 132 tubes of liquid soap in various restaurants and public toilets, scientists from the University of Arizona found that 23% of them were infected with bacteria such as enterobacter, Klebsiella pneumonia, Escherichia coli. All of them are he alth-threatening pathogens, causative agents of life-threatening diseases.

4. Escalator

We've all heard horror stories of people being injured by a moving escalator, trapped limbs, deep gashes, plummeting and what not. But have we heard how careful we should be touching the escalator railings?

We must be very careful in malls, train stations, subway subways, large shopping chains, and in general - in all places equipped with an escalator!

According to research, escalator handrails are the third dirtiest after toilet sinks, fast food counters, and vehicle handles.

Traces of urine, blood, mucus, feces and food can be found on the railings of the escalators. This is what the results of the studies show, which is enough to rethink our hygiene after riding with this device.

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