6 Destructive Lies Depression Makes Us Believe

6 Destructive Lies Depression Makes Us Believe
6 Destructive Lies Depression Makes Us Believe

Constant stress, negative people and toxic environment, failed love relationship and others. Depression usually creeps into our lives quietly. Unaware of the scope of its action, we often ignore the signs that are present. Until the moment comes when we gradually start to destroy our lives.

Depression operates with destructive lies. Check out some of them.

1. "You're not trying hard enough"

Depression will "tell" you that you are weak and lazy. This will make you believe that you don't have a problem and if you just work hard at things you will feel better.

The truth is that depression is a real illness that affects emotional, social, behavioral and physical he alth. Like cancer, heart disease or diabetes, you can't remove it or get rid of it easily, but it's not impossible of course.

2. "You're worthless."

Depression has a way of making you feel worthless and completely unloved by anyone. When you are depressed, you will believe that no one wants to hear about your sadness or problems. You will convince yourself that you do not deserve love, tenderness and attention from others, that they do not give it to you. Depression will destroy your confidence and invalidate your sense of worth.

A number of Western studies show that negative thinking is the main cause of low self-esteem. Therefore, the way we treat ourselves is essential to fighting not only bad moods, but also depression.

3. "Nothing Matters"

When we are depressed, especially after a negative event, we begin to believe that nothing that was important to us before, such as people, dreams, goals, is no longer worth our time and effort. Fear and apathy begin to rule where happiness and meaning once held sway.We become less and less connected to the things in our lives. We stop trying to achieve happiness.

It is characteristic of depressed moods that they create this helplessness by canceling our ability to control aspects of our lives. When we have no goals and no direction, we become powerless.

4. "Being alone is better."

Depression isolates us, making us believe that being alone is safer, more pleasant than being surrounded by friends, loved ones, going out and leading a social lifestyle. Western studies are have shown that depression worsens when we protect ourselves from others and socialize. Our connections with people, hugs and gentle touch increase the levels of oxytocin, known as the hormone of good mood and happiness.

5. "You will never achieve anything."

Another thing depression convinces us is that even if you feel better, you will never be or have anything of value. It warps our positive beliefs, crushing our dreams.

The truth is that many who have struggled with depression can live fulfilling and productive lives.

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